P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt

Use code 94EL15P to get the $18.69 price.
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akaricke Sep 04, 2009
Use code 94EL15P to get the $18.69 price.
Jul 06, 2009
don't forget to go through ding.com if you want ~3% cashbash
Jul 06, 2009
i have one of these (paid twice this several months back). they work pretty well.
Jul 06, 2009
This is easy to use and setup?
coupcoup Jul 06, 2009
Shipping is free on this item regardless of the note.
lexx575 May 17, 2007
Use the code killbill and pay $18.49
nimrodboy3 May 17, 2007
Price now $24.49, but use code KILLBILL6 to get it back down to the same price with free shipping =)
bossusa Apr 24, 2007
Price Drop to $17.99 ! ! !
matwat22 Feb 27, 2007
still alive! expires 3/1/07
asura Oct 01, 2006
My wife bought me one of these and it's pretty cool. We've discovered that some of our stuff still seems to use electricity even when it's supposedly off...
Flaminfire Dec 21, 2006
Like what things?
drparty May 28, 2007
yeah what things? I'd like to know... probably a TV to power the IR receiver?
drparty Mar 05, 2008
well, I got one for Christmas this year... I was happily surprised to find out that most things DON'T use electricity when turned off. Like my cellphone charger, which doesn't use any electricity when plugged in, but not actively charging. Same thing for my DVD player. I would think they'd use electricity to power the IR receiver (so your remote can turn it on) but it didn't register on this unit.
Overall I'm really happy with it. Its a very convenient way to observe just exactly how much that microwaved cup of soup will cost you.