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10 Quite Nice Gifts Under $5

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You might be a the end your budget or you get to the bottom of your Christmas list and start seeing names of folks you are not sure you know.  Or, maybe it's a Secret Santa event at work with a five dollar limit.  I've done a bit of research using some Amazon sorting tools to come up with ten gift ideas that really will give the impression that you spend a good deal more.  All of the items ship free with Prime or I have indicated a seller whose combined price is under $5 with shipping.  I did make an exception, of seven cents, for the first item as it is an exception gift for the price

Airsoft Pistols Gun with Laser Sight Tactical Light 6mm Bb Spring Handgun

$5.20 with free Prime shipping or $5.07 from HotImportToys including shipping. Yeah, I'm a tad over five bucks but  this is a really an amazing kids or even adults gift for a very cheap price.

Blue LED Decorative Night Light with Swirl-Design Shade, White
$4.92 with free Prime Shipping.
Great styling - modern without being over-the-top.

TY Beanie Baby - GRANDFATHER the Bear (Internet Exclusive)
Order from The Gaming Broker for a total of $4.90 including shipping.

Royal Industries ROY D 12 SD 3 Oz Cast Aluminum Ice Cream Baller

$4.68 with free Prime shipping.

Laptop Notebook Cool Pad w/ 3 Fans
$5.00 with Free shipping (No Prime needed)

Mini 3W Waterproof LED Flashlight High brightness LED Flashlight.
$1.99 and free shipping (No Prime required). I bought this for
my key-chain and it is extremely bright and looks great.

Smooth Away - As Seen on TV

$3.99 with free free shipping (No Prime needed)

Angry Birds Rubber Bracelet
$3.00 with free Prime shipping or Lollipop Kids Party Store
has it for $3.98 with Free shipping.

Pocket Microscope with UV Light
$4.00 with free Prime shipping and a bit more from a few vendors that
are closer to $6.00 with free shipping.

Ice Scraper with Brass Blade (very high user ratings)

$4.04 with free Prime Shipping. I bought this myself and it seems great.
Best Price Mirror is $4.05 total with free shipping.

Please make some suggestions of your own and place them in the comments section.

erick99 posted Oct 25, 2012

This Seems like a pretty nice list of inexpensive items I might have to buy a few to have on hand for the holidays

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Oct 29, 2012


That angry birds bracelet could be a wonderful gift for my son

marcemusza (rep: 1) posted Dec 07, 2012


The Mini 3W Waterproof LED is showing $4.19. Was there another seller selling it shipped for $1.99 before?

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Dec 28, 2012


The ice scaper sounds like a really good idea. Thanks

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Dec 29, 2012