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5 Affordable Accessories That’ll Wake Up Your Wardrobe

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Does your wardrobe need a wake up call?  Don’t break the bank splurging on new clothes.  Just snag these 5 affordable accessories that will instantly bring life to your everyday looks ...

1. A Pair of Colorful Pumps

A colorful pair of pumps always pack a punch.   Check out or DSW, which offer name brand shoes for less.

2. A Bold Belt

Belting a dress or blouse can completely change your look.  Visit your nearest H&M or check out Forever21, where you’ll find super cheap on-trend belts.

3. A Statement Necklace

A statement necklace can instantly dress up an outfit.  Try signing up for a flash sale site like or Hautelook for daily discounts on stunning jewelry.

4. A Classic Handbag

A fabulous handbag does wonders for your wardrobe day after day.  Join Gilt Groupe to save on designer handbags, or try Old Navy for cute but inexpensive totes.

5. A Statement Scarf

Scarves are easy and carefree, but they can transform an outfit.  Take a look at Target’s selection, where you’ll find great prices.
ShopShop posted Mar 21, 2012

I think this is for women only...... Just guessing? :)

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Mar 21, 2012


none of those work for me. but you still get a thumbs

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Mar 21, 2012


Try and for some of those same accessories and you will have a unique item that is not mass produced. You will also be helping a small business person by supporting their craft.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Mar 22, 2012