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A List of Useful Lists

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I enjoy "top ten," "the best of," "The biggest of," etc., lists.  I happened to be looking for a list of the best cameras under $100 so after completing that project I decided to make a Page of lists that you might find useful as we head into the holiday shopping season.

The Best Cameras Under $100

Squidoo takes a shot at it.

TechShout gives us eight to consider.

The Best Watches under $100

Complex gives us a collection for men.

Squidoo gives us some choices for women.

The Best Gifts for under $25

HouseBeautiful offers some great ideas. serves up these ideas.

News Station KCBD investigated these gifts.

The Best Gifts For College Students

Squidoo offers these suggestions.

GeekSugar offers these Apps as gifts.

The Best & Worst stores for returning gifts

MSN Money looked into these stores for us.

The Best Printers under $100

CNET - a favorite of mine - offers these.

Computer Shopper offers the Best AIO printers (some over $100)

The best wireless routers under $100

PCMag offers their Top 10 list.

Best HDTV Deals Under $1,000 (this is a wild category but it may be a good starting point)

LogicBuy suggested these models.

Reviewgist has some ideas, too.

Best Cutlery Sets under $100

Squidoo cuts in with sharp advice.

ConsumerResearch has a few ideas.

Best Books for under the tree.

Squidoo comes through again.

RedOnLine offers these coffee table books

Please suggest some lists of your own in the comments section!

erick99 posted Nov 10, 2012

I am happy to add your lists to these lists if you leave the URL in your message.

erick99 (rep: 413k) posted Nov 10, 2012


Thanks, erick99...I have a printer on my "want" list. I started searching here on DP, and immediately thought...I needed a "list of the best" to make the most of savings found here!:)

glwrks (rep: 123k) posted Nov 11, 2012


erick99, I'm looking for a new laptop. Can you add Best Laptop under $1000?

deby32953 (rep: 250k) posted Nov 20, 2012