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A Tip For Tipping

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Do you tip based upon actual service you receive? Think hard now before you answer. Many times we go out and get a service, good or bad we are expected to give something to show are appreciation for a job well done.  In some cases tips are added in to a service. I personally think it is unfair to add a tip in and or say a tip is added before I even sit down.  

What if they job was not well done and the service was terrible. Do you tip based upon previous experience(s) if any or solely on that day. Do you take in to consideration for example the employee may be new or having a bad day? Maybe I'm having a bad day and nothing or no one could make me happy.  Could be they were trained improperly or never trained at all.

No matter what service it is I am getting, I would consider giving a tip. Now, I draw the line at handyman, mechanics and such as there rates per hour are high already. 

I think rewarding people for a job well done is the right thing to do.  Personally I take my 20% max and stick with it and recently it has paid off. For example our last three times out for dinner I used my 20% max rule. All three times I never got to my max. Our service was adequate all three times, but it wasn't amazing. Maybe this sounds harsh or like I am not grateful, but that is not the case at all.
Will I ever find amazing service under my new 20% max rule? I don't know. I came up with this 20%
max rule for a few reasons. I was tired of applauding fair service with a tip which I thought was too high.  How hard is it to smile, be polite and listen. If you can't be nice, then maybe you should find another line of work that doesn't depend so much on tips.  I also found myself using 20% all the time as it was easy math. Lastly, I had to look at it through the eyes of the person waiting on me, I am usually a very easy person to please, I don't ask for much, I am polite and I have manners and I expect that back. 

Some customers are not nice and I do understand that, but hey if you want your tip you have to deal with those people who are difficult and not easy to please. Every job has difficult people. Life is full of difficult people.

So, maybe a 20% max rule will not save me hundreds of dollars but it has put perspective on what I expect in terms of service when I go out. 

branie posted Sep 16, 2012

If the restaurant has "comment cards," I always fill one out as well. Having been a server, it's nice to be thanked (to management) for a job well done. Even the reverse is ok - especially if the meal suk'd (which might be the server's fault if brought out cold or dried up).

I use 10% for weak service and up to 20$ for excellent - keeping in mind a minimum of 8% is required to be claimed on taxes. Oh and I always give cash tips even when charging the meal. ;)

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Sep 17, 2012


people need to NOT tip if they get BAD service....sometimes the servers think they are doing us a favor by doing their job.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 17, 2012


Thanks branie! I try to to tip according to service.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Sep 17, 2012


EXACTLY @ encorez---We should not have to tip bad service, but we often do and I am personally trying to stop rewarding poor service. The problem is what you think is bad service and what I think is bad service could be totally different.

Comment cards are something I rarely see around here. I guess I need to start asking for the comment cards. HA! Maybe if I ask my service will be top notch as they waiter/waitress knows I am going to report the good and or bad. IDK-- :)

branie (rep: 129k) posted Sep 17, 2012


I tip absolutely nothing when the service is bad and I call the manager over (rarely happens). Otherwise I stay in the 15-20%... sometimes its hard. We went to Maestros a couple weeks ago and the bill was in the few thousands so a 15% tip would put me at $500. lol

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Sep 17, 2012


i tip regardless of the service but definitely more if service is excellent. being a waiter during college days, i know what its like being in the service field and i tend to tip more knowing how a majority relies on their tips to get by. i find if i frequent the same establishment often and the service is bad but the food is good, the ones who gets the bigger tips will know me better and eventually tell the others.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Sep 18, 2012