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AAA Prescription Savings

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This is my own personal experience with one particular prescription savings plan available to AAA members. I did not research other savings plans, so I cannot compare prices however, this plan offers an average of 20% of retail prices and a possible greater savings through mail order. Keep in mind this is not health insurance this is a prescription savings plan.

In 2010 my dog suddenly starting having seizures at age 9. After many tests and a very expensive overnight stay for my dog at the Veterinarian they still could not pin point what exactly triggered the seizures. We were told it could be as serious as a brain tumor or something as simple as his diet. The vet wanted to perform more tests and an MRI which could cost over $3,000 and still no guarantees they would ever find what was going on with him. We could not afford $3,000 so we opted to give him medication and see what happens.  

The Veterinarian had sent us home with a 30 day supply (2 pills a day) prescription of a popular seizure medication and it cost us close to $60. I thought $60 was a lot of money, but we had no choice at that time my dog needed to have his medication to control his seizures. Luckily the medication worked and his seizures were being controlled, but I kept thinking about that $60 and how I felt so ripped off.  After talking to a few friends about my situation they suggested I try AAA Savings plan which I had never thought about as I have excellent health and prescription insurance. I located all the information online and was pleasantly surprised they had the medication my dog needed at CVS. Although not happy about it the vet faxed a prescription over for the medicine and in return we saved $50 on a 30 day supply.

The $60 inflated price I was paying at the Vet is now $9.82 at my local CVS.  AAA Prescription Savings is accepted at participating pharmacies it just cannot be combined with your health/prescription insurance. So keep this information in the back of your mind. If you are not insured or maybe you have a sick pet. Check out the AAA Prescription Savings Plan I am very glad I did. 

Click the link below for more information and to find participating pharmacies in your area.  AAA paid Membership is required. We pay enough for this membership why not use it! Again I did not research other savings plans so I cannot say this is the cheapest available, it is the most recognized and is accepted at many pharmacies nationwide. 

In retrospect I wish I had pet insurance, that I highly recommend it would have saved us so much money overall.  Although in the end I am very happy my Dodge is doing well and seizure free. The vet was extremely expensive for medication and if you can look elsewhere and save money this scenario worked in our favor I hope it can for everyone else too! 

To find a pharmacy near you:

branie posted Mar 01, 2012
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Good job Branie. I enjoyed your page your writing is getting better and better. Keep it up, maybe one day you can write a novel and make lots of money for us so we can retire. xoxo

themoneyman1113 (rep: 114k) posted Mar 01, 2012