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America's Most Popular Chocolate Candy

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I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have 28 of them (Wisdom teeth long gone otherwise I'd have 32).  While I enjoy all sorts of sweets I seem to a special love for all things chocolate.  I've managed to stay fairly slim so I have been lucky and I can still eat all I want (not saying it's healthy).  I was sitting at my desk thinking about this - instead of grading exams - and thought to do a quick check on what are the most popular chocolate sweets in America.  I'm not talking about cake or pie or anything like that but packaged sweets such as candy bars and other chocolate goodness that comes lovingly wrapped and placed in the candy aisle. 

While checking into this I found that the average age of the most popular such sweets is 50 years old!  I thought that was a pretty amazing statistic. The over all list of favorites include a lot of chewing gum and breath mints though chocolate dominates all but two spots in the top 13.

Here is the list that I put together in order of popularity based on checking several sites that have gathered sales statistics.  All of these have annual sales at or above 100 million dollars per year.

Feel free to leave a comment with your own favorite or any omissions that you find unpardonable.

#1 => M&M's   $675,000,000 per year

#2 =>  Reese's $515,000,000 per year

#3 => Hershey's $475,000,00 per year

#4 =>  Snickers  $440,000,000 per year

#5 =>  Kit Kat  $198,000,0000 per year

#6 =>  Twix $170,000,000 per year

#7 =>  Dove $144,000,000 per year

#8 => Three Musketeers  $138,000,000 per year

#9 =>  Milky Way  $130,000,000 per year

#10 => Butterfinger $124,000,000 per year

#11 =>  Hershey Kisses  $100,000,000

Some great facts about chocolate can be found HERE.

erick99 posted Sep 13, 2012

What about Rocher? :(

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He ate it lol, JK

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