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Best Android Apps - Condensed List with Notes

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Here's a list of the 50+ best Android Apps that I've found for various tasks. 

I know these lists have been done before and elsewhere, but hopefully you'll find my years of smartphone use and app-evaluations helpful as well. I have them sorted by category, and I put a $ symbol next to the paid apps, the rest are free.

Feel free to add comments with other apps you like and I'll put them in.

Google Stuff
  • Email: The default GMail app
  • Business Calendar $ (far better than the default calendar)
  • Maps, Currents (news), Earth
  • Reader (RSS feed reader that I use it to track deals online, among other things)
  • Picassa Tool (for photos)

Productivity Tools
  • Timeriffic, Profile Valet, Tasker (allows custom ringtone volume/mute schedules and system automation)
  • TeamViewer (awesome remote login app for controlling your desktop remotely, or media pc, etc)
  • CamScanner (free & $ versions, lets you take pictures and crop them into PDFs)
  • OfficeSuitePro 6 $ (my favorite office document viewer/editor I've used, also works for PDFs)
  • EZPDF $ (my favorite standalone PDF reader/editor)
  • Mileage (input gas station fillups, track cost and MPG)

  • mobile webpage (best deals site on the net :)
  • eBay (dedicated ebay app)

File Syncing
  • DropBox (best of the best, it just works)
  • Google Drive (works especially well for documents and collaboration)
  • Box, PogoPlug (both work fine, just not as good as DropBox or Drive in my opinion)

Social Media
  • Google+, Facebook, Twitter

  • QuickPic (fast and free video / picture viewer)
  • YouTube, Music Player
  • Google Music & Amazon Mp3 (allow you to store and stream your music library from the cloud)
  • Spotify, Pandora, Slacker & iHeartRadio (streaming radio apps)
  • SoundHound & Shazaam (listens to and recognizes music with the phone mic)

  • Mint (awesome app for budgeting and tracking all of your bank account activity, and input cash transactions)
  • Bank specific apps (both of my banks have apps that allow depositing of checks, etc)
  • Square (credit card reader to take credit card payments, they just charge 2.75% per transaction)

  • Nook (B&N), Kindle (Amazon), Books (Google); (all free, and work great)
  • Aldiko (great for everything else, & unlocked books. Very customizable)
  • Calibre (OK, this is a windows/mac/linux program, but it manages, converts and uploads ebooks really well)

Interface Apps
  • Screen Filter (dims the screen further for using your phone/tablet in the dark) 
  • ADW launcher (my favorite homescreen/launcher, it's very customizable) 
  • AdFree (needs root access, takes out ads across the phone, in apps and the browser)
  • Elixer 2 (and Elixer Widget 2); (great app for controlling system settings, think 'power control' widget on steroids)

App and System Specific
  • Swype (my favorite and fastest keyboard, much nicer than tapping)
  • Chrome Beta (great browser that syncs bookmarks with your desktop)
  • Titanium Backup (requires root, allows backup and restore of your apps, has a paid version as well)
  • SMS Backup+ (backup/restore your texts and call logs)
  • Amazon Appstore (has a free app every day, I got many of the paid apps above with this)
  • Folder Organizer $ (sorts and categorizes your apps for easy retrieval and auto-updating folders on your homescreen)

I hope this turned you to a new app or two that helps! Please let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to add suggestions for the list.

Also; Most of these apps will work on an iOS device as well (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc). I actually started with iOS and found many of these apps while using iOS. Both are great platforms, I think it mostly comes down to hardware preference anymore.

maven3 posted Jun 25, 2012

You can get Swype on iphone, ipad or ipod touch. Of course you need to be jailbroken.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jun 25, 2012


@Acidbaby; that's good to know. I haven't used iOS for a while now.

I'm definitely not trying to start an Android vs iOS debate ;)

You bring up a great point though, most of the apps I listed are available on both platforms.

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Jun 25, 2012


Yeah, just saying. Pretty much any app for either OS is available on the other if youre rooted or jailbroken.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jun 25, 2012


That's a very nice list - well done.

erick99 (rep: 433k) posted Jun 25, 2012


Thanks erick99. I think I know now some of your pain in writing/submitting pages. The page editor has a mind of its own. (perhaps you should do a page on how to do pages ;)

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Jun 25, 2012


Very good reference and resource! I install and maintain 'custom roms' on well over half a dozen Galaxy S's, and this is a very helpful list. Thanks Maven!

shalom24 (rep: 906) posted Jun 25, 2012


im new to android world and this list is very helpful thanks

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Jun 25, 2012


this list helps so much -- thanks

vkcraft (rep: 5) posted Jun 26, 2012