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Post New Topic Money Maker Guidelines & Format Tips

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As our site grows and we have more coupons/deals added daily, we’re realizing the need for posting guidelines to make our site more uniform and appealing for all users. We've also found these formatting guidelines to optimize clicks (which means more money for Money Makers!).

Posting Deals:
  • Titles:
    • Titles should be as short as possible - try to fit in one line
    • Capitalize words like a book title, e.g. “Up to 50% Off Sale”
    • Computer titles should only have 3 features in the title (Processor, Memory, Hard Drive Space) and use the “|” character to separate
      • e.g. Lenovo Y480 14.0" LED Laptop - Intel Core i7 | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD
    • When making sales or roundups, put the store name first, then the offer
      • e.g. Target | Up to 50% Off Furniture + Extra 5% Off
  • Categories:
    • Find the most accurate category for your deal. This include sub-categories. Your deal will get greater exposure, so it is to your advantage
  • Post more round-ups rather than individual deals
    • Items with several colors/variations should all be posted in the same deal, not separately. eg. don’t post a red camera, then the same one just in black
    • Use the “!” sign sparingly
    • Use HTML to title links, don’t use raw links
    • Bullets and Indenting for roundups or features on items
    • Try to eliminate asterisks “*” in deal titles, only use under special circumstances
      • e.g. *New Customers Only, *Starts [future date], etc.
      • Don’t use to mention Free Shipping, Ends on [date], Other offers
    • Only bold what needs to stand out, don’t bold the entire post.
      • eg. Use Code: DP1234 or Today Only get the...
  • Deal Price:
    • Always use a $ for prices
    • For prices starting at a low price, use a “+” e.g. $1.99+
    • For sales, use “Sale” not “SALE” or “-upto85%” or “50%OFF”
    • Other Acceptable Terms: News, Coupons, PreOrders, Download, Free W/P (free with purchase)
  • Shipping:
    • Free* = Free shipping with special requirements, this includes free shipping to store or pickup
    • Free = Free Shipping (Avoid: FREE, $, Free/$, Varies)
    • $X.XX = if fixed amount, $X is okay if it is a whole dollar amount (e.g. $5), but don’t round up to whole dollar amount (e.g. $4.99 is not $5)
      • Note: Free, Free* or $X.XX should be the only three options if shipping information is posted. Omit shipping if it’s a downloadable deal.

Posting Coupons:
  • “Certain stores have specific rules for what can and can’t be posted, user generated content is subject to deletion/edits at any time by moderators of”
  • Avoid special characters. No “**” or “!!!!” or “ALL CAPS” or “**Discount reflected at checkout, included in price, price as is etc.)
  • Don’t use exclusive codes from competitor sites, especially coupons that are obviously competitor codes (Ex: SHOPATHOME, RMN10, DEALNEWS or COUPONALBUM15).
  • NO 30% off codes on Kohl's coupon page
    • If someone has posted a duplicate coupon, include the link to the original coupon.

  • Provide link to original post if flagging a duplicate (be polite within comments, until we add an anonymous feature)
  • Use “Alive Again” only on really good deals that are active again or restocked.

Other Notes:
  • Edit expired deals rather than “Continue Anyway” - Mods will un-expire them during screening process, and it keeps our site less cluttered with duplicates
  • Clean Up HTML Links in Coupon Posts + Deals, Format: (better formatting options coming soon)
  • Many stores have strict guidelines on what we can and cannot share on and how it can be shared. This may result in ANY user-generated content being removed, expired, or not promoted at anytime.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines - we know there’s a lot of information! With your cooperation, our site will benefit as a whole. If you have any issues or questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to share them! Mods
Acarone posted Oct 01, 2012

Are the 30% Off Kohls' codes permissible within a Deal Post?...understanding NOT in the Coupon Section.
Example: XX% off for cardholders, XX% Off with any form of payment.

glwrks (rep: 123k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Thanks for writing this up it helps alot! :)

rockinnrolla (rep: 178k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Personally, as a shopper I find a lot of the Round-Up deals dont catch my attention as compared to seeing an individual deal with a set price. When I see -up to 75% off, it usually means there might be one item out of 200 that is 75% off but most things are just reduced by 20%. Especially when certain stores ALWAYS repeat the same 'sale' every couple weeks. Seems like Kohl's should just stay on the front page with the word SALE in the title. But its the individual clearance items that they're trying to get out of stock that are the steals.
I agree that posting the same deal in diffent variations should be consolidated. But those are far more specific of what is actually on sale and price than the broader store sales.

I trust that the mods know what they're doing when they remove an item, or deny credit, but I wish the lines of communication were better for MM so we can understand their decisions and learn EXACTLY what it is that wasnt correct. For instance I dont think its appropriate to complain about MM credit, duplicates, etc. as a public comment on a deal. It sounds like we're whining about money, when it's really just something we want to say to the mods about the deal.
Same goes for the Ask & Share section. I know lots of shoppers who are non-MM who find some of the Business-type topics to put them off of deals plus b/c of so many negative observations that need to be addressed. (again we seem money hungry and whiny)

Brentheriot (rep: 64.7k) posted Oct 01, 2012


I did't know most of the rules until today, thanks mods

YesBoss (rep: 238k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Great, thanks for the guidelines. May I suggest to put the model # of the item (especially on the electronics) when we submit deals?
Thanks :)

newguy (rep: 279k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Thanks for writing this up for us! Well me if others already knew. :) I appreciate all the stuff you mods do for us and I bet your eyes get sore sometimes with all deals you go through a day! Thanks again for these helpful guide lines :)

ArtemisDeals (rep: 7.2k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Gotta love it!
One question though!...why doesn't the MM Link or a copy & paste link on a up in BLUE?
(As always, please forgive my lack of terminology!)

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 410k) posted Oct 03, 2012


Try adding "http://" in front of the link

AgentGhost (DealsPlus mod) posted Oct 03, 2012


Hey, AG!...thanks:)....I'll give it a try!

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 410k) posted Oct 03, 2012


thanks for your tips !

kinggeek (rep: 6) posted Oct 10, 2012


I've learned quite a bit reading these tips. Thanks:)

newjerseychickxo (rep: 14k) posted Oct 11, 2012


This should be available on a "help" or "guidelines" tab so it is easier to find.

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Jan 20, 2013


Everyone should be required to read all of this

bbattag (rep: 6.9k) posted Jan 20, 2013


Could we have this as a "sticky" or under a tab in our new, re-designed Money Makers dashboard? Please :)

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Jan 21, 2013


I am with Brentheriot about some of the deals that are always on the front page that are like up to 75% off. I actually don't even click on those, I like specific deals for 1 item.

krmills1 (rep: 14.3k) posted Jan 21, 2013


Thanks for share!

Lindagdd (new user) posted Jan 21, 2013


Nice compilation of the rules, it's great to read this all in one section. Thanks!

WideAnglePhoto (rep: 33.3k) posted Feb 04, 2013


thanks, this helps

bellaBG (rep: 44) posted Feb 04, 2013


Glad I ran across this. Still a Newbie and certainly learned some do's and don'ts!

I also, would rather see single items posted rather than a Round Up deal. I almost always bypass those figuring it will take me too long to search through the entire sale to find a deal that interests me.

minamesk (rep: 3.4k) posted Feb 17, 2013


Thanks for sharing theses guidelines and rules. I didn't know when I started with Dealsplus how exactly I should post deals and coupons and now I do. I like to post individual sales and also round-ups.

mcjung (rep: 6.1k) posted Feb 18, 2013


Is it the opinion of the mods and/or the community that, in the event of an expired duplicate deal, the burden is to change the original deal to make it active again? Or is it okay to list a new deal?

DealLeader (rep: 13k) posted Feb 18, 2013