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Discounted Greeting Cards

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In the past I would always head to Hallmark or another card store at the mall for my greeting cards. If you are looking for a specific card this is most likely the only choice. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, Major Holidays are sold almost everywhere. Discounted stores for ex: Walmart & Big Lots often have up to 50% off retail. In my area a chain called Card Smart offers cards for 50% off. The biggest surprise for price and selection of cards was The Dollar Tree. Most cards are 2/$1 cards may range a bit higher for musical or specialty. The greeting cards are good quality, I have never found a card misspelled or have any errors. I have given cards from The Dollar Tree and felt comfortable with the style and the message inside them. Let's be honest many people look at a card once and it either lands in the trash or a pile somewhere.

Spending close to $4.00 for a card you can get for under a $1 seems logical in these difficult economic times. I sometimes spend the extra money I saved on the actual gift and in particular for kids, they really could care less about the card, so why waste the money, buy a $1 card and the other $3 you save can be used toward the gift, maybe add a cute hair clip to the front of the present or a balloon.

My money saving tip: So many discount stores sell greeting cards, why not purchase them at a discounted price? Some stores even offer "card clubs" buy 9 get the 10TH Free. Shop around and ask around. It is the thought that counts, but cards come in all shapes, sizes and prices and you will find the right one for the person either way. Save even more money and make a homemade card if time allows. Some of the best cards I have gotten have been homemade and from the heart :) ♥

branie posted Feb 06, 2012

I just got few cards from the dollar store myself and they were awesome! The back of the card said each of them were a retail price of $2.75 but I bought 2/$1 :)

Florida2Texas (rep: 15.1k) posted Feb 06, 2012


Dollar Tree has great cards at small price.

barang_square (rep: 631) posted Feb 07, 2012


You go Florida! that's why I follow you because you are a pro at working your ways around at saving money.

I always wait for the big occasion to be over then the stores will put out the cards for 75% off! I just bought some X-mas cards at 75% off.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Feb 07, 2012