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Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

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Backyard Cemetery 
·         Flatten several shipping boxes.
·         Use a Sharpie to draw tombstone shapes. I made a few rectangular, cross, and oval tombstones to give my graveyard some variety.
·         Cut the shapes out of with a pair of scissors.
·         Paint the shapes a dark grey and allow the paint to dry.
·         Once dry, add on sayings like “R.I.P” to the front of each tombstone. 
Glue a wood or plastic yard stake to the back of the tombstone and plant it into the ground. By using real wood, you can partially waterproof the tombstones, so they last for more than one Halloween season. The project works best if you use thin pieces of composite wood, which you can buy at any home improvement  store. The thin pieces are easier to cut and stand up better in the grass

 Giant Spiders
·         You need nine black trash bags and stuffing such as newspaper, left over packing materials, or even leaves.
·         Fill one trash bag with stuffing and tie it closed to create the spider’s body.
·         Hold the second trash bag on its side and fill the length with stuffing. 
·         Wrap the empty bag around the stuffing several times, so that it looks like a spider’s arm, and secure it with a tie. Repeat this for the other seven legs.
·         Use a glue gun to secure the legs to the body.  
You can cut off the bottom of Styrofoam cups and glue them onto the body to make eyes.
  Ghost-Lit Walkway
·         For this project, you need several milk or water jugs, some black construction paper, and enough artificial candles to fill the jugs. 
·         Wash and dry each jug.
·         Once dry, use a knife to cut a small hole in the bottom of each jug.
·         Make ghost faces for each jug by cutting out a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth from the black construction paper.
·         Turn the jug so that the handle faces the back. Glue the faces onto the front of the jug and place an artificial candle inside.
·         Line the jugs along your walkway and turn the candles on. 
The jugs light up, illuminating the faces. You can also use white Christmas lights to light up the ghosts. Line the ghosts along the pathway, and insert a handful of the string lights inside each jug.
Floating Hands 
·         Fill a plastic glove with tissue paper, popcorn, or small shredded paper waste. You can also open up the gloves and fill them with freshly mixed JELL-O, for jiggly, realistic-feeling hand.
·         Tie the open end of the glove with a clear elastic band to secure its contents. 
·         If you want to hang your hands, slide a paperclip through one loop of the elastic band. 
  You can fill the plastic glove with shredded red scrapbook paper to create a “bloody hand,” or tan or brown scrapbook paper to create a more realistic-looking hand. You can also fill these hands with candy corn to create Halloween-themed treat bags.   Flying Bats 
·         Gather several pieces of black felt or black construction paper. 
·         Use a white marker or chalk to draw a bat outline on one side of each felt piece and cut the bats out with household scissors.
·         Add a piece of double-sided tape to one side. Stick the bats along your walls, ceiling, or kitchen cabinets. You can use these bats to create a quick Halloween chandelier. Punch a small hole on the top of several bats. Tie different lengths of black ribbon or twine to each bat. Hang the bats from your light fixture or ceiling fan.   Halloween Lanterns
 ·         24 small googly eyes 
 ·         12 mini paper cups 
 ·         Awl 
 ·         String of white holiday lights
 ·         Glue a pair of googly eyes onto side of each mini paper cup, about halfway between top and bottom
 ·         Punch a small hole in bottom of each cup with awl
 ·         Hang string of lights. Push 1 or 2 lights through hole in each cup.

Florida2Texas posted Sep 20, 2012

Thanks for the great write up=D

i'm going to try the spider one, it looks freaking awesome!

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Sep 21, 2012


Very cool! And most of the stuff you usually have laying around. Especially if you buy stuff from the internet, you would have lots of boxes to make tome stones :)

ArtemisDeals (rep: 7.2k) posted Sep 21, 2012