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Excessive Posting vs Variety

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Here and there, we tend to notice some excessive individual deal posts going around and we want to make sure that when users visit and browse through (especially on the fresh deals page) they are seeing a wide variety of deals that peak their interest. It's important to post: 1) A Variety of Deals, 2) Roundups, 3) Significant Deals

Post a Variety of Deals
       We've all seen it. Sometimes the Fresh Deals Page has several clothing, free books, or other deals from the same store posted in a row. It's important to view from the perspective of a user who is visiting to do some online shopping. Instead of having to dig through all the individual deal posts to maybe find something they want, they would rather see the single 20% Off post that directs to the Sale page that already includes all those clothes.
       No only does it make the deals you post look much better, but it also gives you time to post that awesome TV you noticed at a price drop before anyone else gets to it! 

Below is an example of excessive jewelry deal posts from on the fresh deals page.

       Don't underestimate the value of a roundup! Knowing when to create a roundup is half the battle. Just know that if there is a sale going on, remember the sale is the offer and that should be posted (after searching for duplicates, of course). If instead there is an extraordinary price drop on an individual item and everything else is regularly priced, then clearly that item is a deal. 
       There is a grey area of course, and it's all about using discretion when posting. Even a simple roundup like the one below is very clear and tells you everything you need to know. It's easy to see that this is far more concise than creating an individual deal for each item offered by the sale.

Significant Deals
       Just because you're posting a variety of deals and perhaps even roundups doesn't mean you're not creating excessive posts! It's important to remember that any deal posted should have value. Deals should have a significant price drop, free shipping offer, coupon code(s), and/or mail-in rebate to be significant deals. It is just as important to include the retail price with every deal!
       Remember if there is already a roundup of individual items, it's important to not make it a point of posting those items individually.  This is especially true of free ebook downloads. While roundups of free ebooks are not technically a sale and are simply a collection of individual deals, reposting the free books separately can easily overcrowd the fresh deals page.

Here is an example of a deal with no significant value:

tr1plication posted Feb 26, 2013

that is why I like the coupons page. only one coupon code for every store. keeps the fresh coupons page...FRESH! maybe something like that can be done for deals too?

alecupope (rep: 23.5k) posted Feb 27, 2013


I'll just point out that elephant in the room. It could have (that's down playing, it most likely is) to do with the Money Makers and trying to earn more by posting more in general. I've done coding in the past but I can't seem to figure how people are posting links in their posts! lol it's embarrassing that I can't figure out if it's 'a href' or something similar! Perhaps an instruction guide?

cid681 (rep: 1.1k) posted Feb 27, 2013


You can refer to the HTML Tags portion of this Ask & Share post:

tr1plication (DealsPlus mod) posted Feb 27, 2013


Can you fill us in how some power MM users post multiple deals across the same or even multiple sites in the same minute? Do they have access to sets of tools that allow to upload in some way other than the web interface?

DealLeader (rep: 13k) posted Feb 27, 2013


@DealLeader The fastest way i have found to post it by using the bookmark tool in the link below but it defiantly dose not post as fast as some DP'ers :)

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Feb 27, 2013


Hmm, seems this thread got bumped up to here... I take it as a hint for something/someone?

cid681 (rep: 1.1k) posted Mar 17, 2013


The past few days I have been seeing people posting the same deal multiple times.

I'm not sure why the site doesn't post the site guidelines more "prominent" or something to prevent "confusion."

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Mar 17, 2013