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FAQ: How to Post an Online Deal (with screenshots)

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Step 1: Let's post this 16GB Micro SD card deal for $13.99!
16GB MicroSD Deal

Step 2: Click on the "Submit" button on the top right corner of

Step 3: Click on Deals
Step 4: Copy the URL on the deal page (Ctrl + C)
Deal Page
Step 5: In most cases, you should see a duplicate link like below. This part may be a bit confusing:
Duplicate Deal
  • Continue Anyway is used only when it is for a completely new sale or item (daily deals)
  • Submit a different deal is used when you change your mind and want to post something different. If the deal and price is exactly the same, then this option should be selected
  • Edit the deal below is most often used. A user usually use "edit the deal" when the price either increases or decreases. When a user submit a price that increases, the deal is updated with the new price HOWEVER, the deal won't be updated to the fresh page. On the other hand, if the deal is a price decrease, the deal updated on the deal page and updated on the fresh page (within 1-2 hours).
    Step 5.5: Select an image, category, sub-category (optional), pricing info (remember the $ sign) and title.
    Submit a Deal

    Step 6: Describe how to get this deal (any coupon codes to make the deal better?) Enter when the deal expires.
    Describe and Expire

    Step 7: The deal is published!
    Published deal!
TOTOOO posted Jan 27, 2012

nice write up!

civic07 (rep: 26.5k) posted Jan 27, 2012


Awesome Tutorial! Wish this had been around when I first got started! :)

FibroMom (rep: 249k) posted Jan 28, 2012


I agree. Should also be listed in the Help section under Frequently Asked Questions.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.8k) posted Jan 28, 2012