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Full Price Shoppers Should Be Shot (Just Kidding) Well Maybe...

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Do you know anyone who shops full price or never uses coupons? I do. At first I tried to understand their reasoning behind it. Some say they just have no time between work, life and kids. One person told me she thought it was just a plain waste of her time. Keep in mind not one of these people are wealthy. Actually most who made these comments are living basically pay check to pay check and a few just can't be bothered.

Whatever your circumstances maybe, if a sale or coupon exists then why not take advantage of it? I know a single parent with a few kids who has a decent job, never ever shops for sales. I cannot understand this at all, she is not rich and the money she did save if she shopped smart could go towards the kids or college?   I also know a couple in there 30's who buy whatever without coupons and have no idea what the value of money is and I am afraid they will never know. 

A few people on my Facebook have said when I share all the amazing coupons from DP that it is just a waste of time or paper they would use to print it.  I respect there opinion and all but they will be the people who complain that they never have enough money. It is not that they don't have enough money it is simply they choose to shop dumb. 

I get so upset and angry when I see people who could/should or really need to save a few dollars and don't. Everyone I mentioned lives a few miles from me and we are pretty lucky as far as shopping options. Major stores and malls are within 15 minutes. So if I can do it, then what is wrong with everyone else? On a good note I do know many people with kids, elderly parents they take care of or people with 2 jobs who will often shop around and I can imagine it is not easy with all of those obligations. What is wrong with the others is all I think.

I do understand everyone has different situations and shopping around may not always be convenient. Although if you have a tight budget and choose to pay full price, maybe less complaining as the time you took to complain to me about your finances could have been used to figure out why you are so broke and find ways to remedy this situation. 

So any thoughts? Does it really pay to shop around? When does it not? Do you know anyone who pays whatever for an item and then complain how broke they are even though they COULD have shopped around they were just too lazy?  Coupons? Why do many think coupons are a waste of time? Does being part of the DP community change the way you shop and other's just can't relate? 

Here are just a few examples of our local area shopping prices if you shop around (within 7 miles) or just go to the chain supermarket. Yes, chain supermarkets are very convenient, but if you are trying to save money and in your travels drive past a place that sells your products for less, why not stop in? Being aware of your local deals can save you a bundle.

                                                            Chain Supermarket Price                                          Other
Loaf of bread-                                                    $3.89                                                            $1.69 Bakery outlet
half gallon of milk-                                            $2.79                                                            $1.39 Bakery outlet
1 lb. of cheese-                                                 $7.99                                                     $3.48-$4.99 Walmart/local deli
1 lb of Chicken Salad-                                     $8.99                                                     $5.99 local deli
Pantene shampoo (small bottle)-                 $5.99                                                     $3.99/$3.48 CVS/Walmart

branie posted Jun 20, 2012

I could write a book about my experiences with broke people who can't be bothered to save money, but one couple I know takes the cake. They are nice people who helped me out when I went through a difficult time years ago, but they are deep in debt and every bit of advice I've offered to help them slash expenses is listened to, then ignored.

They have a paid NetZero dial-up internet account they haven't used for at least 10 years that they are still paying for, because they don't want to change E-mail addresses.

When they moved to another state, they did not bother to re-install or cancel their Vonage telephone service for almost 2 years.

The woman talks all day on her cell phone, even when at home where a free VoIP phone is sitting right there. When I asked her if she has an unlimited talk plan on her cell, she said "Oh, I don't know, my husband pays for that". I talked to him and found out that they were paying over a couple hundred dollars a month for all this talk. I recommended Boost Mobile, since their Sprint contract was nearly up. They ended up renewing Sprint for another two years.

I gave them a OBi110 VoIP adapter and set it up with Google Voice to replace their rip-off land line with totally free phone service. They were excited to receive it, but they are not using it now because of one "flaw". It can't be used to call those free conference call services, which the man uses for about an hour a week for church meetings. I gave them a number of cheap ways around this, but they are just keeping their $40+/month land line.

They are total suckers for any and all up-selling. The man was talked into buying a nearly $300/month set of services from their local cable TV company. The thing is, neither of them spend much time at home because they are working long hours to pay bills and debts. These people are in their early 60's, FYI.

Their daughter's family is also keeping their tradition of perpetual financial insolvency alive. She and her husband and kids were living for years in a very expensive area in upstate New York. They couldn't possibly afford it, but they just kept getting credit card after credit card until they could no longer make even the minimum payments. They ended up escaping to South Korea, where her Japanese husband landed a job as an interpreter.

Needless to say, taking advantage of sales, coupons, or other promotions never crosses the minds of people like this. I've tried to help, but it just goes in one ear and out the other. Sigh.

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Jun 21, 2012


that's so true! without going further ,when i met my husband he was one of those people,never looked at a sale or a price tag, sadly he lost his job and he learned the hard way about how to become economic and a smarter shopper. He now looks for sale himself and thinks twice about buying items before they go on sale. He cant imagine how he lived before but sadly a lot of his friends still do that way. A lot of people could use a little help understanding that a penny earned is a penny saved .In this economy saving even pennies counts. We all could use some extra money in order to save for our future without depriving ourselves from the basic experiences that life is offering us :)

lancelot7562 (rep: 559) posted Jun 21, 2012


Amen sista !

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Jun 21, 2012


A lot of people on this site think the list price is the current store prices......or that on-line prices are always the lowest....

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Jun 21, 2012


I totally hear ya. I don't believe in paying full price, because I grew up with parents who always taught me to save money when I can. I am a true believer of couponing. I am usually able to buy everything I need at about 20-50% off. I do check out weekly flyers and stock up on household items weekly when they go on sale. I utilize my CVS extra bucks for additional savings.

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Jun 21, 2012


I know how you feel I know tons of people who have very little money yet refuse to use coupons or shop around for good deals and always insist on getting the newest and greatest gadgets it annoys me to no end

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Jun 21, 2012