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Funny Product Advertisements

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I just happened to see one of these today while surfing so decided to surf some more and laugh some more.  I then decided that since it had to do with products it would be okay to make a page out of the subject. I hope you get a good laugh from a few of them.

All of these are, as far as I can tell, actual product or marketing images and not images that were changed to make them funny or to make fun of a product.

If you know of others,please leave a URL and I will get the image and add it to the page with a credit for you.

Missing a letter, eh?

This is a billboard for a Gym

This is a vintage ad but I liked it.

I hope you smiled at a few of these!

erick99 posted Jun 09, 2012

67? Wow! That's a lot of posts or pages or whatever they are supposed to be called. I wonder who has written the 2nd most amount? By the way, I loved the funny adverts and I hope you continue to produce many more.

MaryRolle (rep: 23) posted Jun 09, 2012


i like the cocacola and the bench one use only what you need

rd995 (rep: 152k) posted Jun 09, 2012


Very nice ads. You have more of these? I'd like to see more.

ancagavs (rep: 18.5k) posted Jun 10, 2012


Ancagava, I have about 100 vintage ads that will make you laugh and gasp. I show them in my social psych class to show how the times and changes - especially in terms of racism and sexism. I will make a Page out of them in the next few days. I'm glad you liked these.

erick99 (rep: 436k) posted Jun 10, 2012


I saw the other post with the ads.

ancagavs (rep: 18.5k) posted Jun 11, 2012


Love 'em I've seen a few other ones around too.

beeksworld (new user) posted Jun 12, 2012