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Got A Sore Throat?

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My Throat Hurts!!

All three of us (my sons and me) recently had an upper respiratory virus that ran 15 to 20 days and included about a week of terrible sore throats.  As long as I was sitting around I did some research on sore throats and we tried the various remedies.  What seemed to work best was a combination of several.  It's a good idea to try several and find a combination that works well for you.   

  1. Humidifier - This you should do no matter what other methods you are employing.  Not only does the moisture soothe your sore throat, it also helps to loosen up the congestion in your lungs if you have that as well. 

  2. Zinc Lozenges - I have friends that swear by these.  They help relieve a sort throat and there is some evidence that Zinc works to shorten the length of the cold virus. 

  3. Warm Salt Water - We preferred the water hotter as that seemed to provide more relief. Salt can also kill the bacteria in your throat that is contributing to the pain.  A teaspoon of salt in a cup or two of warm/hot water makes a good solution. 

  4. Herbal Tea - Herbal varieties may contain an immune booster, such as goldenseal root or echinacea; licorice, which is antiviral and antibacterial; or marshmallow herb, which helps produce the protective mucous in your throat. I’m not convinced that the immune boosters are really there but a cup of hot, herbal tea can be soothing for many people. 

  5. Numbing Sprays – You can buy these over-the-counter (Chloraseptic, etc.) and they contain topical anesthetics that do kill the pain immediately.  The numbing effect may not last terribly long and you may or may not like the taste.  But, if you have a terrible sore throat and you are at your wits end – this is the way to go so that you have some relief. If your sore throat persists than ask your doctor for a prescription pain medicine so that you can eat and so that you can sleep.  But, hopefully, some of these ideas will bring you a measure of relief.
erick99 posted Feb 18, 2012

Great tips...I've found that a spoonful of honey (Older than 2) does an excellent job to help a sore throat, & will help to control the mucas.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Feb 18, 2012


Claritin D 12 Hour!!! Miracle drug for clearing up all the mucus and lets you breath again!

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Feb 19, 2012



DiscoQueen (rep: 12.6k) posted Feb 21, 2012