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Great Dog Breeds for Children

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When I was looking for a dog, about five years ago, my sons were 17 and 13 so I wanted to make sure I got a dog from the animal shelter that would be okay with the exuberance that young people bring as well as the very young children of family and friends.  Below, in no particular order, are a sampling of breeds that are described by dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians as great dogs for kids.  It is not at all an exhaustive list, but a sampling.  Please leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section for the benefit of other folks who visit dealsplus.

Golden Retriever - Golden Retriever is extremely patient, which is perfect for kids. While it does need a lot of exercise, its love of play makes this an easy thing to achieve.  A great dog for families and they do seem to love kids.

Labrador Retriever - This is one of the most popular dog breeds, and for good reason-- it is protective, playful, loving, patient, and reliable.  I've owned one and I agree with the previous comment from a web site about dogs. They are a big playful and often don't know their size so they can knock a little down, especially when they are less than a year old.

Poodle - The Poodle is a very intelligent dog and does love kids.  My parents had one when I was two years old and it would sit outside with me and when I went too far it would pick me up by my pants and drag me back to the front door.  I'm not sure if they trained him to do that or if it was his idea.  The full-sized standard poodle is probably the best for kids.

Irish Setter - My sister currently has an older setter and two puppies.  These are giant dogs but they do very, very well with children and they love to have fun.  They do not seem to understand how big they are so they tend to think they can sit in your lap.  When they are young they seem to go easy on little ones while playing.

Newfoundland - I have no personal experience with this dog but friends have told me that it is a wonderful dog with children, very patient, and likes to play.

Collie - I think everyone is familiar with the Collie and is a great dog for kids and seems to feel responsible for making sure they are okay.  Gentle, patient, and quite intelligent.

Beagle - We had one growing up and I had one about ten years ago.  There may not be a friendlier, kid-friendly dog.  They are really a nose attached to a dog and when they catch the scent of something you might spend some time catching them until they are well-trained.  But, they are wonderful for kids.

Bull Dog - This breed may not seem like a kid-friendly dog just because of their name and how the look.  But, they are fantastic for kids and seem to love playing with the little ones.  Several friends have them and also have little kids and say the same.

Pug - This is my favorite.  There is not a more fun-loving or dedicated dog around.  They are very playful and they love kids, adults, anyone.  They are very hard to house train, though.  They are kind of odd looking but the longer you have one the better looking they seem :)

Please share your experiences and stories in the comments section.  I imagine there are folks, with children, who are looking for a dog that would benefit from your experience with the breed that you have or prefer.
erick99 posted Mar 08, 2013

When/if I get a dog I'd get a pug. I volunteer at the shelter near me and you'd be hard pressed to find any of these breeds though.

cid681 (rep: 1.1k) posted Mar 08, 2013


Finally... an article from Erick99. Been waiting for one.

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Mar 08, 2013


I like the lab and the beagle...both great and loyal hunting dogs

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Mar 08, 2013


Werent bulldogs and collies considered aggressive during the 80's? I mean its a different breed every decade but i recall both being high on bite stats in the past. Breed doesnt really matter anyway its all about the people who raise them. My nephew was mauled by a lab and had his face tore up. Always remember while they are pets they can snap at any moment no matter the breed. Good write up though. My pit is the dumbest most gentle beast there is. His biggest problem is he cant stand to be alone and needs his family with him at all times.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Mar 08, 2013


If you have older children (ages 10 plus) I would recommend adopting a retired greyhound. They are considered and often called "gentle giants". They are also great for older folks as they are very easy going, great companions and love to walk.

Many of my family members with kids under 10 have Boxers, they are very good with the children and love to play and cuddle.

Beagles are great family dogs and so darn cute :)

branie (rep: 129k) posted Mar 08, 2013


I have a weimaraner and I would reoommend that for anyone that has children!

tylerhews (rep: 140) posted Mar 10, 2013


I think it was Teddy Roosevelt that said that Newfoundlands were like men without the vices. Years ago I was looking for a family dog and came close to buying one. The only reason I didn't was because they are a long haired breed and I live in a hot climate. Went with a Bullmastiff. It was also a good family dog.

I have a pug mix now. He's not very healthy and I may have to have him put down soon. Friendly dog. Rescued dog. Dumb as a bag of hammers and they shed year around. Gotta keep that in mind if you get one.

Branie is right about Boxers. I've never seen a mean one. They are quite energetic though.

My parents had English Bulldogs for most of the time their grandkids were being raised. Never had a single problem. Unless you consider the gas they constantly seem to have as a problem. ;-)

I also had a Pit Bull when I was a teenager. My sister had a baby and the dog was very protective of her. A completely different animal when she was around. Overbearing towards adults...gentle as a lamb around Nikki.

Nice page Erick.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Mar 11, 2013


Labrador for me. hihihihi :)

alicepattinson (rep: 130) posted Mar 11, 2013


Many people like to have a dog, no matter men and women, old and young,perhaps this is a good way of life

comery (rep: 25) posted Mar 21, 2013


Great post!

tr1plication (DealsPlus mod) posted Mar 21, 2013


Great pics, excellent dog choices as well

earltaylorjr (new user) posted Jan 22, 2014


lovely, i like dogs very much

jannywright06 (rep: 230) posted Jun 10, 2014