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Grocery Coupons From Multiple Sources, Tips & More!

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Coupons From multiple Sources
1. Subscribe to multiple newspaper or buy sunday newspapers, Every sunday there will loads of coupon inserts. it might cost you a little but the savings will be amazing. You can also ask your friends for their sunday inserts if they are not using it.

2. Online sources, there are many good sites that you can clip and print out coupons. Thanks Prozac4545 there's a lot just google

update. 6/25/11 - Did you know we now have our own grocery coupon section? Check it out=) Dealsplus Grocery Coupons

3. Another method is contacting the manufacturer directly by e-mail or over the phone and say you want to try their product, they will be happy to send you a coupon.

4. Some companies might have coupons directly on their website.

5. Request samples, most of the time they come with coupons ;i have alot of samples and always came with a coupon=)

6. You can even buy coupons from certain sites. It'll save you a lot of time and money.
There are other sites just have to google them.

7. Trading coupons; You can trade with your friends, maybe work as a team; he/she might find a coupon you need and vice versa, you can also trade coupons on forums. there are other forums just google.

8. There are coupons in the market, if you notice in some market aisles theres a little box that give out coupons.

9. You also receive coupons at the checkout register after your purchase at the market, it comes along with your receipt.

10. Magazines, Most magazines offer coupons but the most recommended & seems to offer the most coupons is "ALL You" magazine. [ Check dealsplus for discount offers]

*You may even stack coupons, if allowed by store policy.

*Coupons direct from manufacturer are like gold and are able to use in any store.

*Another tip is a extreme couponer has to be organized, i have noticed most extreme couponers have some kind of system or a Binder to collect and organize their coupons.

*You don't have to go to the extreme but a little here and there can save you a lot in the long run.

Loyalty Programs(Reward Card)
Joining store loyalty reward programs can be benifical with the right coupon.

Walgreen has Register rewards, where you can earn credit towards your next purchase, this also goes for other stores too e.g CVS & Rite Aid. How much reward you receieve for a product is usually listed in the weekly ads.

Walgreen - Registar rewards

CVS - ExtraCare Bucks

Rite Aid - +up Rewards

Joining these programs can save you alot of money or can even become free with the right coupons.

Example 1
$6.99 for a bottle of tylenol or whatever it is. -$3 Coupon from one of the coupon insert sources above. -$2.99 rewards towards next purchase. Total $1

Example 2
$3 for a 12 pack of wrigley gum -$1 Wrigley Coupon -$2 rewards towards next purchaseTotal Free "technically"

Example 3
$3 cereal-$3 Rewards towards next purchase-$1 Manufacture coupon Total +$1 profit "Technically" since your only paying $2 for the cereal but your receiving $3 rewards

*You can even profit depending on your coupon and rewards, It might not be physical monetary but still can earn towards your next purchases. *Again i want to add "you may even stack coupons, if allowed by store policy"

Electronic Coupons with Reward Cards Electronic coupons are like physical coupons but are directly added to your Loyalty Rewards Card (almost every market has one) and the coupons are shown during checkout when you swipe your card.

*You can use electronic coupons at participating stores.

*Here is the list of majority of stores that are participating in electronic coupons:

List of participating stores

*it is pretty simple.

1. Sign up with one or all of the sites listed below

2. Add the coupons you want to use at the store you are going.

3. Savings shown at check out, when you swipe your card.

*At some stores, Electronic & physical coupons may be stacked, depending on store policy.

*You can even call ahead to make sure.

*Tip: Rainchecks
You can request a raincheck if a sale item is out of stock. The Raincheck will hold its sale value, even if the item is no longer on sale the next time you come back.

*This way your coupon won't go to waste, if its going to expire soon.

*Double check your raincheck slip, if everything is written correctly.

*Also remember Rainchecks may also have expiration dates, remember them.

Happy Couponing=)

Battle of the Stores - Price matching and Competitor Coupons

*Some grocery or drugstores will price match & accept competitor coupons, they want your business.

1. First check what are the policy for price match & if they accept competitor coupons at your local grocery store.

*Not all stores will accept competitor ads or coupons, it all depends on store policy.

*Some stores will only accept competitor coupons or price matching, if they see them as competition.

*It really comes down to store policy, that is why checking store policy is so important.

*I have read Walmart has one of the best price matching policys, unfortunately i don't live near a walmart, you should look into it, if you do.
Walmart Price match policy

2. Bring in the advertise ad for price match or coupon for discount.

*Why go through the hassle of price matching or competitor coupons?- It can save you money on traveling to a further store for the sale, when you can get the same item on sale from the store closer to home.
- What if a store is OOS (Out of Stock) on the sale item your looking for, no problem! go to the competitor store for the price matching of the item your looking for.

Tip: price matching & competitor coupons ain't just for groceries

Did you know home depot & Lowes accept each others coupons? Heres how you can save 10%OFF everytime you go to a lowes or home depot, Go to any US post office and pick up a "change of address package" (sometimes they are on the side counters or just ask for one). Every package comes with loads of coupons but they also come with 10%OFF lowes Coupon and you can use this in Home Depot or lowes, it is worth the time if your purchasing something big. I have personally done this a few times. Ofcourse if you have a printable coupon that would be better but if you don't or just not near a computer, this is the next best option. *Home depot also has a really great price match policy, they will not only price match but also take an extra 10%OFF - Price Match + 10%OFF info has a TV Price match policy - They will refund you the difference, if you find a lower price from a eligiable competing website. Amazon TV Low Price Guarantee policy & List of eligiable stores (look under Tv Low Price Guarantee)

Petco will price match competitors - Petco price match policy

Bestbuy also price match - Best buy price match policy
and this also goes for many other notable stores, target, kmart, & others.

*Remember to always check store policy.

Happy Saving=)

You Are Not Alone!In these hard economic times, it can't be help that we all need to learn to save but you are not alone.

1. Family
*Couponing can be a activity that you can share with the family. Searching, clipping, & Organizing can be a tedious task, why not have your family join in=P *It can take some of the workload that you put upon yourself and make it a fun family activity. *Saving money, having fun, & Family bonding, Whats better then that? =)

2. Friends & Neighbors
*As i have mentioned above in "Coupon Sources", Friends can help you out, weather it be a close friend or a your friendly neighbor. Who doesn't want to save? *Same reason as "Family" you can make this a fun activity with your friends. -Bonding Activity: searching, clipping, organizing, & chatting away before you know it, where has the time gone? =) -Trading Coupons, there maybe times you need to stock up on a certain item, great your friend has a coupon you need or vice versa. -Less workload on yourself, as I have said, it can be a tedious task, which takes time & patients, a little help here and there can save you a lot of time. -If your friend or neighbor isn't into couponing, as some people aren't, they can be a good sources of coupons.

3.Online Blogs & Forums
*There are many good sources online, such as blogs & forums, where people share great deals, finding freebies and how to get them,& trading coupons. These are great for beginners who want to learn couponing & for couponers to be on know of new or upcoming deals & Coupons.

1. Blogs

*There are many blogs online where people are dedicated on posting some great store deals. I have listed some sources but ofcourse you can google for more.> ...Theres much more, just google.

2. Forums
*You are truly not alone, there many forums where people socialize, share tips & advice, Share deals & coupons,& trading coupons.

List of some coupon forums: ...Google for more forums

*You are not alone in this tiring journey to save. There are people around you that can help and people online that are willing to help & share.
*Ofcourse you can always come here to dealplus for any advice or questions you might have[Ask a Question Section, we love to help=)], Tips [Tips Section]or coupon sources in "Grocery Coupon Section" =)
Good Luck!
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What a generous article, in more ways than one. Thanks!

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