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Hey Fellas! How to Wow Your Gal, Save Money (and not be "cheap") on Valentines Day

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The word "cheap" has such a negative reputation. To some extent, it deserves the bad rep, but being cheap can be a positive thing if you remember your manners. For example, if you choose to bring your date to a nice restaurant, don't cringe if she orders one of the more expensive meals. As many men know (and most women will back me up here), women really enjoy creativity. We like our guy to come up with great dates and unique ideas. What is Valentine's Day really about? Is it about boosting chocolate sales or celebrating your love for each other? Think of the day you first met or the day you realized you were in love. Don't stress out about Valentine's Day. Instead remember the person with whom you will share the special day and you just might want to turn on that creative switch.

You probably know what your significant other likes and cares for but, if you don't, ask her mom (or friends). Seriously, it will give you major brownie points! For example, if your lady likes animals and really wants a dog, go adopt a pet together on Valentines Day. Some shelters offer special Valentine's Day promotions with reduced adoption rates. Of course, don't do this unless you are also willing to take part in the pet's life.

Cook dinner. Yes, yes, I know! Waaaay too obvious but we really do appreciate it! If you think you are a bad cook, try something simple. You might even be able to get away with a meal that requires no cooking such as a gourmet salad and gazpacho with strawberries and chocolates. Make sure you have candles and put effort in the presentation and table setting. If you don't know how to set a table, here you go. A picnic is also really nice but make sure it is not very cold and you have an indoor backup plan. One more thing, if you decide to make breakfast in bed, which is always awesome, don't skimp out on the rest of the day. Also, make sure you make her favorite dishes, not yours.

Document your day. Take a camera (or your phone) along with you on Valentine's Day and take lots of pictures of her. Make sure you use lots of different settings. Print out the pictures and make a mini photo book of your date and give it to her a few days later. If you already have a lot of pictures, make her a album and present it to her on Valentine's Day. Remember to write sweet things next to the pictures like "you were so beautiful in that dress" or "this is why I love you".

Don't give her a "joke" gift. Look, I love gag gifts. I really do! Sure, I love receiving them every now and then but we all know giving gag gifts is usually much more fun than receiving them. Of course, if it is an "inside joke" gift or card that may bring up happy memories then go for it! For example, if you met in an elevator then a card with a picture of an elevator (hey, you can find a card with a picture of ANYTHING nowadays) on it might be sweet.

Yes, I know you will think it is childish but have a scavenger hunt. Get or make small gifts and hide them all around the house. You could even go big and ask stores, friends or restaurants to hold the gifts for you. The clues could be "the first place we ate pizza". Just make sure the gifts aren't anything people would want to steal and get the ok from the establishments or your friends a few days before the event. You could even just have love letters or roses at each stop. My husband once had a scavenger hunt for me. He hid a dozen individual roses with clues tied to each rose. The last rose had a love letter attached. Gotta say, it was pretty sweet!

Last, but not Least, don't diss Valentine's Day. Sure, there are some girls who genuinely don't like the day, but just keep your thoughts to yourself. If she doesn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day, surprise her on a random day with dinner, flowers, or something romantic. I can understand why one might feel sour towards Valentines Day, but everyone wants to be appreciated and loved and that's something we should do to our significant other every day. Do that extra chore or volunteer to pick up her dry cleaning, but also do something extra special every now and then. Also, please feel free to add your favorite memories or inexpensive romantic ideas! Maybe my husband will stumble upon this post ;)

VirginiaPeanuts posted Feb 05, 2012

Good. I think so and learns a lot.

moon123 (rep: 5) posted Feb 05, 2012


How many GUYS hate Valentines Day? Dumbest day of the year....

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Feb 05, 2012


I'm a girl and I am not too big on this day. I don't want to dress up in a super tight dress to go out to eat at a restaurant and come home and hop into a sexy lingerie with a fat protruding belly from the meal.
On Valentine's day, I want to take the day off from work and treat myself to a nice bubble bath, oh and play with my little pup ;)

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Feb 05, 2012


@encorez: lol! I know most guys do. And a few girls! I'm just suggesting fun alternatives besides the regular expensive dinner and chocolates. If you are really that sour towards it though, the last paragraph is for you ;)

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Feb 06, 2012