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Highly Rated Wireless Routers For 2012

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I've been researching wireless routers as my current Cisco (rebranded Linksys) is getting quirky.  As long as I was doing the research anyway, I decided to make a Page out of the results.  If you are also in the market for a wireless router I hope you find this useful.

I am not presenting these in any particular order.  All of them are very good and have received great reviews from a variety of magazines and blogs. I stuck with N routers that can do 300Mpbs but there are less expensive versions of most of these that top out at 150Mpbs.  I have used Amazon pricing for a sample price.

Model: Linksys E1200
Price: $49.00
Blurb:  N router, 300Mbps, MIMO antennae.

Model: Netgear N600
Price: $79.96
Blurb: 600Mbps(two 300Mpbs streams), great for video, broadband usage meter is very cool.

Model: ASUS (RT-N16) Wireless N 300
Price: $89.95
Blurb: Expensive but feature-rich, great antenna array, great security, lots of functions

Model: Netgear N300 RangeMax
Price: $65.88
Blurb: 300Mbps, great range, can share USB devices, very good security

Model: Belkin Share N300
Price: $54.99
Blurb: 300Mbps, file & print sharing, good price value.

Model: Linksys Maximum Performance Dual-Band N900 V2
Price: $199.99
Blurb: Very expensive, multiple radios, great range, USB sharing, built-in media server, lots more.

If  had the budget for it I would buy the Linksys N900 V2 as it does just about everything and does it very well.  But, I can't quite rationalize $200 for a router on my budget.  I have settled on the NetGear N300 RangeMax as it has the features I need most and the extra range that I want.

I hope you found this useful and please add your own comments about what you feel might be the best N router on the market or just a quick review of any of these.

erick99 posted Apr 09, 2012

I agree that the N900 V2 would be a very sweet router by uber expensive.

Jameson99 (rep: 19) posted Apr 09, 2012


Belkin Share N600, I never have to reset it.......

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Apr 10, 2012


Good recommendation. I do like the idea of the 600Mbps.

erick99 (rep: 430k) posted Apr 10, 2012


I have the Netgear N600. It's been kind of glitchy after the latest firmware update. One thing I noticed is that some of my devices lose connection often, but others don't. not sure why.

jasoned (rep: 8.9k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Good listing. For home networking, two shared laptops 300Mbps enough. I vote for you...!

kumslee (rep: 5.1k) posted Apr 15, 2012