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iPad 3? High-Res? Redesign body? Quad Core? 8mp Camera? 4G?!

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Alright...we're exactly a month away from the iPad 3 release. Yes, you're hearing it straight from me (a moderator on I'm expecting the release of the iPad 3 somewhere in the 2nd week of March. My guess is the 13th (don't know how I came up with this date). A lot of companies like Microcenter and Meijers is dropping the prices to the iPad 2. In addition, according to multiple rumors, Apple is planning on announcing the iPad 2S/ in the first week of March.

There are a lot of competition when it comes to tablet prices. Asus last month just announced they are going to release a 7-inch quad core android tablet for only $249. So here is my forecast on the iPad 2S/3. The iPad 3 will not be named the iPad 3, it will be 2S, 2D (For display)?. It wouldn't make sense for iPad product line to catch up to iPhone product line in a few years. Instead of phasing out the current iPad 2's, Apple will drop the price to the iPad 2 to either $349 or $399 (I'm leaning towards the $399) and have the new iPad 2?/3 price at the regular $499.

So what is so special about the iPad 2?/3 ? Well the resolution is twice (2048 x1536) is good as the iPad 2 (1024 x 768), for those who don't know about resolution, its essentially running at a 1536p meaning its better 50% more pixels and more better than the standard 1080p. I'm assuming the iPad 2?/3 will run on a quad core (standard for this year). The camera to the iPad 3 IS going to be better. iPad 2 has a 5mp camera and I'm assuming they will come out with at least 8mp for the iPad 2?/3. I've been hearing recently that the iPad 2?/3 is going to have 4G capabilities but I doubt it esp. when iPhone 4S don't have that quite yet. (I'm 99% sure they'll have that for the iPhone 5). The new redesign will have a new body, I believe it will be a little bigger than the iPad 2 (improve battery).

2x better resolution at 2048 x 1536
2x better CPU (Dual Core to Quad Core)
Better Camera (5mp to 8mp)
1080p HD Videos Recording
Better battery life

Again, my guess is as good as yours. When do YOU think the iPad 3 is coming out? (FYI....guessing the Right date won't get you anything [hmm...maybe a fp deal? JK])


TOTOOO posted Feb 13, 2012

noice guessing. my guess is March 15th or 16th for the release date. i've been thinking it might not be the iPad3 like many hope, but more of an iPad2s. i don't think iPad2s sounds that great, so maybe they'll go with a different name that pretty much means the same thing..we'll see. I'm not sure about making it a bit bigger..i do think they'll improve battery life, but i don't think they'll need to make it bigger, especially with all the competition with the 7" tablets and all. i agree that the cameras will be better..both of them. i'm hearing that Siri will be involved, and i guess that makes sense to me. we'll see.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Feb 14, 2012


i would love to own an ipad3 but i just cant afford it. i can book a vacation to cancun for 5 days for that price. i guess to me, i personally would enjoy relaxing on the beach with a pina colada than to own an ipad. dont get me wrong, apple makes great products as i already have an ipod touch.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Feb 14, 2012


i can see your point..but then again..would i choose 5 days of happiness...or more than 5 days of happiness..for the same price..hmmm..

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Feb 19, 2012