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Best Credit Card for Cash Back

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  •  I signed up in December for the Chase bonus program and I have to tell you I am happy I did. I never believed in this program before because I didn't want a credit card company to dictate when and where I should shop, and I am sure a lot of you feel the same, but the bonus program for Jan- March 2013 has changed my mind.  
  • Benefits of the program
  •   The reason I started participating in this program was because I saw that my husband was claiming multiple gift cards from the bonus rewards he was earning from charging it for filling up gas for his car. He has been participating in this program for 2 years.
  • I decided to give it a try it this year because the bonus categories are gas and pharmacy stores for Jan- Mar 2013. I figured why not since I'm going to be filling up gas anyway. Between January and February I charged $228 in gas typically equivalent to  228 points. Instead, I received a total of 1240 points. All I have to is charge another $232 in the next 2 months to get 1260 points, and I will have 2500 points to claim a $25 gift card. This is a great program because as part of a regular rewards program with any credit card, you will need to spend $2,500 to get $25 in rewards. In my case, I am only spending $460 to claim the $25 reward.   
  • How does this program work?  
  • Chase freedom offers promotional bonus points throughout the year for different categories of spending. The categories and the stores change every month. Here is the cash back calendar
  • You need to activate the card every quarter to participate in the program.  
  • Why do I recommend this program
  • Personally I only participate in the Jan – March &  the July – Sept program because those are the months were bonus rewards apply to charges in gas stations. As a result, I am not forcing myself to spend extra money to collect the bonus rewards.
  •   In December, bonus rewards are offered for many department stores. For those of you that shop for the holidays, keep this in mind and you will be racking up bonus rewards without any effort.
lilywow posted Mar 06, 2013

Thanks for the review, lilywow! I always wanted a credit card with a good rewards program and I was jealous of the gift card options my boyfriend was getting with Chase Freedom as well. BUT unfortunately with student loans and accounts being too young, I have yet to get the optimum credit score needed for one of these cards D:

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Mar 06, 2013


This is my favorite rewards card! When a bonus category is in effect, you earn 5%, not 1%, so your $228 in gas purchases earned you 1140 points, not 228 points as you stated. You didn't mention that you always earn at least 1% cash back whenever you use this card - you don't have to wait for certain categories to earn that. Then there is the web site for Chase Freedom cardholders. There you can get up to 25% back in points by going to various online merchants through that site and using your card.

The Discover More card is very similar in all respects, except that you earn less than 1% on your first $3000 of non-bonus category spending. I have this card too, because the bonus categories are similar, but usually don't coincide with Chase's time-wise. By carrying both, you will likely get your favorite bonus category twice a year.

Both of these cards are great because the points are always worth at least a penny a piece, and they NEVER expire.

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Mar 06, 2013


Just got a Chase Freedom 0% APR until June 2014. Very excited !

LisaNtom08 (rep: 1.6k) posted Mar 07, 2013


Good Luck. Hope you get lots of bonus rewards.

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Mar 07, 2013


Thanks. I steer clear of credit cards though. But when it comes to hotel and airline rewards im all over it. Just cash in about 700000 on a Gretsch drum set for my son and a galaxy note 10" for myself.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Mar 07, 2013


I like Discover Card cash back, they give big % cash back especially for online shopping. Just remember to pay off your balance every billing cycle otherwise you end up pay more for interest.

newguy (rep: 298k) posted Mar 07, 2013


Just read only, I do not interest.

BFD2011 (rep: -7) posted Oct 04, 2013


Thanks Lilywow and fluffy for posting the info, helps remind me of the details. Nice to get 5% back at Amazon now.

dddsss (rep: 22.9k) posted Oct 11, 2013


more cost, get more discount

JohnStyle (new user) posted Oct 11, 2013


Thanks for taking the time to share this. :)

Blippety (rep: 24) posted Oct 12, 2013


i also like Discover Card because they offer huge savings on their cash back when you shop online using their service. Amazon Chase rewards is another great way to save BIG because they have lots of savings and great perks you can utilize.

go4tiger (rep: 76) posted Oct 15, 2013


Great Tip

earltaylorjr (new user) posted Jan 22, 2014



jannywright06 (rep: 230) posted Jun 10, 2014