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(Non-Food) Freebies For Your Birthday

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Lots of restaurants will give you a free dessert or perhaps a bit of a discount on your birthday.  But, there are other folks who want to help you celebrate your birthday as well.  I did a little digging (Google is your friend) and found quite a few freebies for your birthday that were not related to food.  Here are a few that I particularly liked (I left out the food freebies as almost any restaurant will give you something on our birthday).

I compiled this list after culling through 23 birthday freebies websites.  The challenge was that their lists are alphabetically and are 99% (give or take) restaurants so it took careful reading to find the non-food freebies.  It also gave me a little bit of a headache reading all of those lists in tiny print!

It's worthwhile to find the free stuff you would like and then go to the company's website and sign up for their birthday club.  They, of course, will probably send you emails and snail mail stuff in return for your annual gift.  You have to decide if it's worth it or not.

Please leave comments with any other non-food freebies for birthdays.

American Eagle: A 15% off coupon.

Columbia Sportswear: A 20% off coupon.

CVS:A $3 coupon though this seems to be hit and miss.

Kmart:Children get $5 in birthday bucks, a crown, and a fun pack with goodies.

The Children's Place:A 15% off coupon.

Toys R Us:A gift for a child when they join the birthday club.

Brunswick Bowling: Two free games.

Chuck E. Cheeses: 20 free tokens.

Swagbucks: 50 free Swagbucks.

Disneyland:Free admission on your birthday (you have to have signed up in advance).

Helzberg Diamonds: Free pearl earrings on your birthday.

Olan Mills: Free photo package that includes one 8 x10, two 5x7, and eight wallet photos when you sign up for their birthday club.

Sephora: Sign up in advance and you will get a free gift on your birthday.

Dave & Busters: $10 PowerCard (I have no idea what that is).

Old Navy: $10 off a $50 purchase (not exactly free but I thought it was worth mentioning).

Speigel: $15 gift certificate.

Victoria's Secret:$10 gift card.

Hallmark:20% off and a free card.

Petco:Some sort of a savings certificate or coupon but I couldn't quite pin it down.

World Market: $10 off $10 coupon.

Hooters:Free T-Shirt and a card.$5 gift card.

Yves Saint Laurent: Free gift on your birthday when you sign up for their birthday club.

Best Buy:  Free points card

erick99 posted Apr 11, 2012

I didn't know places like Victorias Secret or Sephoras gave birthday gifts. Thanks for the list!

MaryRolle (rep: 23) posted Apr 11, 2012


The Victoria's Secret one is a Reward card for $10 off $10+ which is can get you free body mist. Do you know how to sign up for the Helzberg's one?

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Apr 11, 2012


it was my Bday this past saturday! i didnt know i could get 15% off from AE or VIctorias Secret! >_< POOP!

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted Apr 11, 2012


I also made a list of birthday freebies some are food some are not

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Happy birthday!!!

shimisi (rep: 140k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Thank you! ;)

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Wow, birthday in a restaurant, I have encountered, they will prepare the noodles and eggs, to the god of longevity means that the health and longevity.

coco987 (rep: -9) posted Apr 12, 2012


Baja Fresh- free burrito on your birthday.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Apr 12, 2012


Macy's just sent me a birthday gift of a one time use Free Shipping coupon with no minimum! Plus I have about a month and 1/2 to use it!

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Mar 23, 2013


Very informative list... Can't wait to put this list to use come birthday time. Thanks!

Nellysg (rep: 448k) posted Mar 24, 2013


this is amazing, great find!! i know most other rewards clubs also send birthday coupons, like and

tylerhews (rep: 140) posted Mar 24, 2013


Most restaurant chains will send you a coupon for somethng free on your birthday. a free desert or something. Some will give you a BOGO up to a certain amount since you're unlikely to dine alone on your birthday.

Good list Erick. Thanks for the info. And Happy Birthday Dennise.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Mar 25, 2013