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Saving Money on Prescription Copays

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So, you have a copay of $25.00 or more per prescription. Those copays can really add up, especially if you take maintenance medication on a monthly basis. Before you know it, you are paying well over $100.00 a month in copays if you have conditions like high cholesterol, arthritis and allergies. Imagine what they could be if you were to become really ill!

I thought, "Wait a minute, since there are coupons for just about anything, what about prescription medications?" First thing I did was ask my doctor to make sure she was prescribing generic options if available and equally effective. Then, she handed me a stack of discount program cards. Each of these offering a different savings amount such as $20.00 off my copay or reducing my copay to a certain dollar amount. Many of these offer a full 12 months of savings.

My Pharmacist was more than willing to help me save with these and even told me of Pharmaceutical companies such as Merck that offer printable options of these cards right on their websites for specific medications. She also referred to a program that some of them offer for the uninsured or underinsured where they might send free or reduced priced medications if you qualify and have a doctor's prescription (the doctor usually has some paperwork to do for them, too).

Another way to save on copays is to order 90 day supplies if your insurance allows. Many times the copay is 2 times your monthly so it is like getting the third month free. The doctor usually writes a one month supply for you to fill right away locally and then writes a separate one for you to mail or take to the pharmacy that asks for 90 day supplies.

I have reduced the total of all of my copays to what it would cost to fill just one of the more expensive medications. Hope this helps you save, too.
LindaKNor posted Jan 29, 2013