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Search and Win (and Earn FREE money) with Swagbucks

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Have you ever heard ofSwagbucks? If not, you're missing out! But fear not, I am here you to help youfigure out how tosign up and start earning FREE gift cards and other great prizes! I also havesome tips and tricks to get you started and earning your FREE stuff!

How do I sign up?Easy! Just click onthis link right HERE for Swagbucks (or click any of the images/links on this page). It will take you toSwagbucksand ask for some basic info so you can sign up. *If you click the images/links in this post, you may receive some FREE Swagbucksto get you started too!

Why should I sign up? Swagbucks is a fun way to search the internet, take polls and surveys, watch videos, play games, and all kinds of other great things all while you earn FREE stuff for doing it! I have personally been a member for 3 years and enjoy the benefits of $5-10 in Gift Certificates per MONTH! There are TONS of other prizes, awards, and sweepstakes that you can redeem your Swagbucksfor too. If you like FREE stuff, this is a great place to invest some time and GET rewarded!
Search & Win

How do I earn Swagbucks?Make sure you visit Swagbucks every day! While you are there every day, take about 5 minutes to at least do the following:
  • Take the Daily Poll
  • Do the NOSOpath (just click "Skip" and "Take me to the next offer")
  • Searchuntil you get some Swagbucks
It takes a little longer, but I also try to watch Swagbucks TVevery day too. I just put it on in the background while I do other things at work. Including Swagbucks TVagain, here are some things you can do that take longer, but offer higher rewards than the easy stuff:
  • Watch some Swagbucks TV
  • Take some Trusted Surveys
  • Perform some Tasks
  • Play some Games
  • Print and use Coupons
  • Opt in and/or purchase something from Special Offersand Daily Deals
  • Trade Inyour used stuff

This is sounding good, any other tips and tricks for earning more?Yes, absolutely! One of the biggest ways to earn more is follow Swagbucks on the web and get Swag Codes! Swag what?!? Codes - usually words or phrases - that you can enter on the Swagbucks homepage and instantly receive some Swagbucks! How to get Swag Codes:
  • Get the Swidget(found on the "Tools" menu once you sign up for Swagbucks)
  • Install the Toolbar(found on the "Tools" menu once you sign up for Swagbucks)
  • Follow @Swagbucks on Twitter
  • Follow the Swagbucks Facebook page
  • Follow @SwagCodeSpoiler on Twitter

Is there anything else?Yes, one last thing. Another great way to earn more is to invite your friends and family to Swagbucks using the Invite and Earn links and Twitter/Facebook share. This is available and easy to find once you have signed up!
If you have any questions or concerns about Swagbucks, feel free to ask in the comments section below!
fradyphoto posted Mar 08, 2012
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so i learned about swagbucks not too long ago..and looked into the end.i ended up going with superpoints instead. looking at the seemed like people enjoyed superpoints more since it was easier to earn money..i's pretty much just a big button that you click 30 times a day or something..and you randomly get points..

anyways..just wanted to share my story of why i didn't opt to sign up for swagbucks..

as a sidenote..if anyone is interested about superpoints..feel free to message me..i have can only sign up with a referral you can just ask me questions and i'll try to answer can also do surveys and stuff and watch vids..but yeah..i mainly just do the big button clicks :P..

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Mar 08, 2012