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SEASONAL SHOPPING (What to Buy and When to Buy It to Save the MOST Money)

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Part of being a “Savvy Shopper” is knowing the Best Time of Year to get the Best Prices on the things you are looking to buy! Below you will find a “General Guideline” to help you understand “Seasonal Shopping”…

January: Make sure to check out the Clearance sections of Stores and Web Sites for SUPER LOW Prices on leftover Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations and *bows and ribbons (*these can be used year round.). This is a Great time to Find Good prices on Discontinued TV Sets. Also, Bikes and Motorcycles can be Found at Good Prices – as not a lot of people buy them during the Winter Months and the stores need to make room for the newer models coming in. And of course, keep your eyes out for the “Traditional January White Sales” – Good deals on Bed and Bath items.

February: Winter Coats and Accessories can be found at Awesome Prices as the stores are bringing out their Spring Items and need to clear what they have left of Winter Wear FAST and CHEAP! Find good deals on air conditioners… most people aren’t thinking about buying these when it’s freezing outside – Slow Sales = Nice Prices. Be sure to check out “Presidents Day Sales” … Especially if you are in the market for Appliances. *Be sure to take advantage of Reduced Valentine's day Candy AFTER Valentine's Day, as well! February is also a Good Month to Find Deals on “Last Year’s Model” Cameras. In the market for a New Boat – Now is the time to start looking.

March: Look for Deals on Video Games (especially any leftover Holiday Packs or Bundles). Also, as the Spring Weather moves in – Good Deals can be found if you need to replace your furnace. Snow-blower prices are usually good in March, as well – Get it NOW and you will be thanking yourself Next Winter! ;)

April: Great Deals can be found on Electronics, Jewelry and Cookware. *Depending on when Easter falls – keep your eyes out for Left-Over Easter Candy Deals (Freeze it and keep it fresh.)

May: Now is the time to stock up on and Can or Freeze Fresh Vegetables and Fruits from you’re your Local Farmer’s Market. Good deals can be found on condiments, salad dressings and bottled foods of the like. This is a good month to find Deals on Refrigerators. Keep your Eyes out for “Memorial Day Sales” … another good time to find deals on major appliances.

June: Tools and Home Improvement items will be on Sale – just in Time to give you “Something to Do” on your Vacation Days! ;)

July: July is the time that Corn, Berries and Melons are usually at their lowest price – take advantage of the sales and buy in large quantities and Freeze or Can these items to enjoy all year. Dairy product specials are normally run this month. Keep your Eyes out for “4th of July Sales”, as well.

August: Time to send the Kids off to College – You will find Deals on Laptop and Desktop Computers, Tablets, MP3 players, Dorm Refrigerators and Dorm Supplies. *HINT: Where Computers and Electronics are concerned – You will find the BEST Deals on Last Years or Discontinued Models! Also, find deals on School Supplies – Great for the office, too!

September: Leftover back-to-school supplies can be found at extremely discounted prices – this is the time to Really Stock up your home office! Now is the time to buy “End of Summer Season Bargains” such as Grills, Lawn and garden Equipment and Decor and Beach/Swimming Items. Keep your eyes out for “Labor Day Sales”!

October: Great Buying Month for things like lingerie, jewelry, blue jeans and wine! Retailers need to make room for upcoming Holiday Items and you will find MANY items on sale – be SURE to check out Clearance Sections both in Stores and Online! Look for Gardening Supplies to be Nicely Marked Down. October is another great month to find deals on Bikes. Be sure to wait until the Last week (In Stores) and the Last 2 Weeks (Online) to buy your Halloween Costume – they need to get rid of them and you can get them at a fraction of the original price!

November: Who doesn’t LOVE to stock up on leftover Halloween Candy – the first week of November is the BEST time to do it! *Hint – Most of the Candy can be frozen so it’s always FRESH when you want it! November is a good time to find deals on Housewares such as Pots and Pans and Utensils. Think about filling up your freezer with Turkeys and Hams while they are at their Low Holiday Price per pound. And of Course – you can’t think of Sales in November without thinking “BLACK FRIDAY SALES” (the Day after Thanksgiving)! Now is the time to find some FANTASTIC BARGAINS both in the Stores and on the Internet… Oh, and while we are talking Internet Sales – don’t forget about “Cyber Monday Sales” (the Monday After Thanksgiving) – The Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year with many Sites offering Free Shipping On Top of the GREAT Sales!

December: Some of the best prices of the year can be found on electronics this month. In the market to buy a New House – if so you can get your Best Price on one in December. Many online sites, such as start really slashing prices on Toys, Watches and Jewelry during the entire month. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention “AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES” - where stores and online sites drastically reduce things they stocked up on that didn’t move out fast enough during the Holiday Shopping Season. Find Great Deals on Anything Holiday Themed, Gift Sets, Toys – you name it!

I am sure there are MANY ideas I have missed – please feel free to comment
and add to the list – Together we can ALL Get the Most Bang for Our Hard Earned

FibroMom posted Feb 07, 2012

Love it! Wish I could tab this and save it for easy reference!

I love the freezing advice for the candy! I love crumbling frozen Reese's on my ice cream! Totally unrelated to the post, but when I bake cookies or cupcakes I usually do it in bulk and freeze them. Then I have an instant dessert when we have guests (well sort of instant...they still have to thaw)

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Feb 07, 2012


Thanks for spelling them out. It is so easy to read. I will keep this handy

barang_square (rep: 631) posted Feb 07, 2012


Well said, thanks.

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Feb 07, 2012


Hahah this is awesome! thanks for taking the time to make this!

iowahawkeyes (rep: 4.3k) posted Feb 07, 2012


Fibromom you are on a roll. This is all good stuff. Since its feb, I should start shopping for my winter coats now ;)

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Feb 07, 2012


This is very useful information! Although I already knew a lot of these on a generic basis...its good to have a list this sorted out that I can visit every month!:D

Florida2Texas (rep: 15.1k) posted Feb 07, 2012