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Shopping For A Bargain or Two (New England Style)

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(Picture taken 10/25/09) Southern New England aka my yard/home at the time. 

Planning a visit to see family or maybe the beautiful fall foliage here in New England?  Depending on your location the leaves start to change at any time now in the North. (Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire) It slowly works it's way south and by mid/late October most of New England has seen the beautiful vibrant colors.  

Yes, after awhile looking at leaves can get a bit boring. While your visiting. Why not shop?  Way too many shopping areas and malls to actually list, but I will suggest three of my favorites for discount/odd finds type of stores. 

1.) Ocean State Job Lot- Located mostly in Southern New England. This is a store full of everything, you can buy a pair of jeans (name brand) or pool supplies. Discount shopping at it's best. They offer internet coupons for additional savings, which I have taken advantage of a few times. 

2.) Christmas Tree Shops- Don't let the name fool you, much more then a store full of Christmas items. Located in several States now, was founded in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1970. Every holiday, not just Christmas is celebrated here. Indoor/Outdoor items, cookware, food, you name it they may have it. Christmas time is especially busy. Although be prepared to wait in line if you are visiting on a Holiday or the weekends as well. *Visiting the Foxboro, MA location on game day is also not advised.* 

3.) Building #19- Located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Oh my, what can you say about this store. They sell whatever/everything. You just have to see it for yourself. The employees are always very interesting, but friendly.  Building 19 offers a free cup of coffee for those who want one. The really do have it all. Nice selection of rugs and furniture which sounds odd, but they do have some nice stuff. Hard to explain, so if you are in the area of a Building 19 and you like discount shopping stop in.

branie posted Sep 08, 2012

^ where did you move too?

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 08, 2012


@encorez--- I moved 10 minutes, not too far at all.

branie (rep: 129k) posted Sep 08, 2012


We thought about coming up there for vacation but when I priced homes and saw they were triple the price of a comparable rental home in the Outer Banks we just stuck going back down there. One thing I love about OBX is the abundance of homes and rentals keeping the price down.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Sep 08, 2012


I luv the fall colors, Here in TN where I live I have to travel about 20 mins to get to Knoxville for serious shopping!

grandma5 (rep: 57.8k) posted Sep 08, 2012


You forgot to add the amazing fact your Dad buys a Building 19 calendar every year, writes everything down and saves it. The amazing part is you can look back 20 plus years of what happened when, where and how. The things I found out about my wife from those early years!! She was such a good daughter!!! lol :)

themoneyman1113 (rep: 114k) posted Sep 08, 2012


@themoneyman1113 ----You bet I was a good daughter, perfect angel :) hahahahahaha.

branie (rep: 129k) posted Sep 08, 2012


@Acidbaby--It is expensive here, all year round. No argument there. Purchasing a home is expensive. Renting a vacation home just outside Cape Cod can go for $2,000 a week, maybe. Waterfront properties along the Coast Mass,NH, Maine are insanely priced. After Labor Day the prices decline a bit.

Too bad prices keep people away from this area. You would never know as the media has called this a huge year for tourism as we had a mild winter and a fairly nice and calm summer with little or no rain.

Although I would guess most of the "tourist" lived within a couple of hours anyway. IDK----Anyway, Hope you can make it here one day :)Spring and Fall are the best times to visit.

branie (rep: 129k) posted Sep 08, 2012