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Some Interesting Uses for Liquid Fabric Softener

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My girlfriend surprised me a bit this weekend by telling me that she was going to use liquid fabric softener to loosen the wallpaper that she wanted removed from a hallway wall.  This led  me, as most things do, to Google to see if this was a single-use kinda application or was there more that could be done with liquid fabric softener.  Turns out there is and here are a few.

Anti-Shock for Carpet - One cup softener to about a half gallon of water and spray on carpet to reduce or eliminate static shocks in the winter.

Remove Old Wall Paper
- One cupful softener to one quart of water and let it soak into the wallpaper for about twenty minutes or so.

Hard Water Stains - Use full-strength on hard water stains and let soak in for about ten to 20 minutes.

Paint Brushes - Store clean paint brushes in water with a few drops of fabric softener added to help keep the bristles pliable.  I guess that is softening in the way clothes are softened.

Glass Tables & Shower Doors - One part fabric softener to four parts water. Place this mixture into a spray bottle and clean glass surfaces.  Polish dry to finish the project.

Burned On Foods - I think this is meant more for glass baking dishes.  Soak with a mixture of water and liquid fabric softener and allow to soak for an hour.  I'm starting to get afraid to use liquid fabric softener on my clothes!

Counter Top Cleaner & Polisher - Use one part liquid fabric softener to one part warm water to wipe down counter tops.  Remember to polish once it is dry.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner & Shiner - Mop floor with 1/2 cup liquid fabric softener to one gallon of warm water.

Air Freshener - Mix one part scented liquid fabric softener to one part water, place in a spray bottle, and spray in the air to freshen things up a bit.  This is essentially what Febreeze is and the spray-on products that remove wrinkles from clothing.

Hair Untangler - Not sure of the ratio but I'd start with around one part softener to four parts water and spray into hair. Be very careful not to get into eyes.  This one worries me a bit but several folks claim to do it regularly.

Here is a pretty good explanation of how liquid fabric softener works:
"The most common active ingredients in fabric softeners are based on long-chain molecules, which are positively charged in nature. The molecules usually contain at least one hydrophobic (water-resisting) group, and a positively charged nitrogen atom, which is attracted to the negatively charged fabric surface. The result is a loose ionic bonding and absorption of softener compounds onto the surface of your fabrics. In other words, fabric softeners — whether dispensed in the washer or dryer — are absorbed to produce the benefits."

erick99 posted Oct 26, 2012

I would worry about the hair detangler, too. For an inexpensive detangler it is better to dilute any conditioner down until it is sprayable, whether you will put it in a spray bottle or not.

I really like the anti-shock, wallpaper, and especially the paint brush tip. Every time we go to paint we throw away our old, stored paint brushes because they are plain old too stiff to use!

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Oct 27, 2012


I will try on the floor...thsnks

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Oct 27, 2012