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Some Odd, Unusal, and Otherwise Very Cool Android Apps

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I am on my second Android smartphone.  My Sprint upgrade came up on August 1rst so I swapped my HTC EVO 4G for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G.  I really liked the HTC but it was not constructed well and neither was either of my son's HTC phones so we are done with HTC.  I was pretty careful this time and did a lot of research on quality and Samsung seemed like a good choice.  I love the pure Google experience with no Sprint crapware preloaded and I should get Android updates faster than other phones (I got Jellybean last week).  I love the apps that are out there in the Android world and my phone is stuffed with a great deal more than I can use or remember. 

This evening I had some rare free time so I decided to look for something odd or unusual in the Android app world.  I decided to expand my research a bit and make a Page as well. NOTE: This page took over three hours to write as I sifted through a lot of websites, had a few too many dead-ends, and stopped to search for each app to make sure that I could find it.  It was still a fun task!

All of the apps listed below can be found via the Play Store icon on your Android phone and you may find them on Amazon as well. I searched for each one in the Play Store and found them all pretty easy to find.  

Please leave comments with your own recommendations as well.  I think the comments section for this Page could easily be better than the Page!

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite:  This is an incredible app that uses the camera on your phone (you will want to get some sort of mount) to help with safety and provide some pretty cool data about what is going on in front of you.  This is one cool app.  This is one of the handful that I downloaded. I have a daily 76 mile (round trip) commute.  I already have a nice mount so I will play with this next week.

Bic Concert Lighter:
  A virtual lighter that takes us back to the days when fire was legal and everyone would flick their Bic to show their appreciation for the band.

Fake Me Out Of Here:
  A fake phone call when you need to get away from someone live or also on the phone. I can see how that could be handy.  Shake your phone and Voila! A fake call.  Not as exciting as other apps but pretty cool and might be terribly useful at times.

Metal detector: Yup, just what is says.  I doubt it works very well but it's still a cool app. I do a little detecting and my metal detector, at $250, is still considered a low-end instrument.

:  This one is a lot of fun and one that you will likely show a lot of friends.  ZDNet's description is better than what I can cobble together - This app uses the smartphone touchscreen and haptic feedback to deliver a pyrotechnic effect complete with "shock" to an unsuspecting victim touching the phone screen. Loads on my Nexus but doesn't run but I suspect that has something to do with Jelly Bean.

iBeer or iMilk - Provides a great visual of a glass of beer or milk and it sort of looks like you are drinking from your phone as you tilt it back.  The photos provide a better description than my words so have a look.

G-Massage: Yeah, it does that.  Well, the phones do vibrate do they not?  I wondered when someone might take advantage of that feature for something a bit more interesting than announcing an incoming call.  To be fair, it does more mundane massage as well.  This will set you back a buck less a penny.

Hello My Name Is:  That's right, you can turn your $650 Smart Phone into a one dollar name badge. 

Pimple Popper: 
Well, there had to be at least one really gross app and here it is.  The description says it all.

Conversation Starter: 
There are several with similar names so take care when you search to find the app that exactly matches this name.  This app helps you to start conversations by suggesting topics. Hopefully there are not suggestions such as "So, what is your sign?"

Bald Kiosk:
  This is one very cool app that should be pretty entertaining.  It essentially removes the hair from photos.  It costs about a buck (I think) but that would be a buck well spent.  The reviews are not great but the app is still a good idea if not well-executed.

Please leave a comment (or two or three) with an odd, unusual, or just plain weird Android app you have found. For that matter, an iPhone app is fine as well.

erick99 posted Sep 14, 2012

I'm gonna busy for the next hour trying a bunch of these. Glad you're back!

Jameson99 (rep: 19) posted Sep 14, 2012


torrent all you want and use Astro to install them.......

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 15, 2012


@encorex - I love torrents and get software and audiobooks that way. A lot of people have a hard time understanding the process though.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Sep 15, 2012


^ torrents are for
Ask acidbaby.....

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 15, 2012


I miss bt junkie, good specs description, love them

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Sep 15, 2012


I am gonna try almost all of these!! Thanks for the info!!

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Sep 15, 2012


some interesting apps here, wish they were free so i could try them out

aznballa161 (rep: 3.2k) posted Sep 15, 2012


Some of The Are Nice Apps, Thanks For Sharing

YesBoss (rep: 258k) posted Sep 16, 2012