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Springtime Fashion Accessories for Women

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This Spring it's all about bold prints and loose flowing frocks. The 90s have definitely influenced the fashion statements of this year. From colorful statement eyewear to black and white print clothing, standing out is really what's in. As every fashionista knows, Spring is the best time to clear out the closet and drawers and replenish not only her clothes, but also her accessories. Below are four of this season's must-have accessories.

Black and Gold Jewelry
Egyptian jewelry has long been the envy of the ancient and modern world. Dark gold oversized statement earrings and necklaces were only worn by royalty and the rich and famous, but now the style has been made affordable to us mere mortals. Egyptian style jewelry is bold and contains geometric shapes, and this year it's all about triangles and chevrons. Black and gold jewelry is popping up everywhere; from the most exclusive boutiques in Manhattan, to the neighborhood mall retail stores. If you want to be "in" this Spring, get some black and gold bling.

Shopping tip: Check out for all your Spring accessories, including a huge selection of Black and Gold Jewelry.

See-Thru Shoes and Purse
Time to get a pedicure and manicure to complement this Spring's fashion accessories--clear clutches and pumps. These bold, but minimalist fashion accessories have been gracing the runways from Paris to Milan. Since the colors of this year are so bold, and this year's makeup trends are also bold, accessories have to remain semi-plain. That means this year you have to be on your A-game and clean up your nails and feet. Hit the salon, then slip a clear bag over your arm and a pair of clear pumps over your newly scrubbed feet.

Shopping tip: We recommend for the best prices on Spring shoes and accessories. But for a slightly better selection check out Macy’s (coupons), JCPenney (coupons) and LastCall (coupons) as well. And don’t forget to browse handbag and accessory deals on for even more fashion steals.

Chevron Nails
Well, we know Chevron nails aren't really an accessory, but since they are acrylic, it kind of counts. Right? No more matching nails! That style went out last year, this season everyone's wearing multi colored, ombred, or boldly printed nails. The main thing to remember about this year's nail style is the shape of the nail counts. Nails are no longer squared or rounded, they are pointed. Some women prefer claw-like points, whereas other enjoy a more rounded point; whichever you choose just make sure the colors are bold, brilliant and beautiful.

Shopping tip: Check out Sephora by OPI’s Top 10 Sellers, and also get 15% off with code “CHIC” if you’re a Beauty Insider. Priced at just $14, the new Black 3-piece nail lacquer set from is also a must have.

Statement Shades
The sun is just beginning to peek and already sunglasses are the biggest accessories around. Unlike past seasons where oversized statement shades were "it," this season 90s shades are in. Stems are highly decorated and colorful and lenses are coal black. Wear these lovely shades with a Spring dress and a jean jacket to tie all the latest fashions together.

Acarone posted Apr 11, 2013

...and PINK:)

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 428k) posted Apr 11, 2013


Very nice page...thanks, I love following the trends for my inspiration in my beadwork. Many times I'll have a page open on the computer with a color combo, or interesting pattern while I work.

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Apr 11, 2013


I love this page. Definitely agree with EzzyLovesToSave PINK!!!!

Nellysg (rep: 448k) posted Apr 11, 2013