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Strange Fast Food Items

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After reading jasoned's post about hot dog stuffed pizza ( I decided to do a little fast food research and came up with some pretty odd items and themes in both the US and other countries. If you have seen an strange food item, please add!


Name: Ebi Filet-O
Location: McDonald's in Japan
What is it?: 11 shrimp with a crispy coating and Thousand Island Sauce

2. Name: Seaweed Flavored French Fries
Location: McDonald's in Hong Kong
What is it?: It's in the name!

3. Name: Cannibalistic Sushi (Restaurant Name)
Location: Nyotaimori in Japan
What is it?: Named after the tradition of eating sushi and sashimi off a nude woman’s body, this restaurant takes the concept to a whole new level. An edible body, with dough ‘skin’ and sauce ‘blood’ is wheeled into the room on a hospital gurney and placed upon a table. The hostess begins the meal by cutting into the body with a scalpel and then patrons dig in, operating on the body to reveal edible ‘organs’. Here is a link to a pic of the item. Thought it might be a bit gross to put here (

4. Name: Big Rosti
Location: McDonald's in Germany (they also have cupcakes on the menu in Germany!)
What is it?: I actually really want to try this!  A crispy potato pancake with bacon and cheese and beef patty with a bacon and cheese bun. YUM!!

5. Name: Chicken Nugget Burger
Location: Burger King in Poland
What is it?: Chicken Nuggets with curry sauce and lettuce on a bun. Seems odd...why not just get a chicken sandwich? 

6. Name: Chicken Rings
Location: White Castle/ USA
What is it?: I'm sure most of you have had these. I think they are similar to BK Chicken Fries.They are basically a chicken nugget but formed like a ring. I suppose that is handy if you like to wear edible jewelry. 

7. Name: Triple Cheese
Location: Domino's in South Korea
What is it?: 3 cheeses between 3 thin-crust dough with a potato mousse. Didn't Domino's try something similar in the US awhile back. I remember some pizza with layered crust.....

8. Name: Dried Pork and Seaweed Doughnut
Location: Dunkin' Donuts in China
What is it? Well, I imagine it isn't sweet. 

9. Name: Winter Double King Pizza
Location: Pizza Hut in Japan
What is it?:Crab, shrimp, broccoli, beef, corn, mayo, onion, potato, etc... Oh My!

10. Name: Coffee Jelly Frappuccino
Location: Starbucks in Japan
What is it?: Coffee Jelly (has anyone ever tried this?) with Frappuccino and whipped cream. I'm not a big jelly person but could see how others might like this

VirginiaPeanuts posted Apr 11, 2012

Least you forget the Every popular Snoran Hot Dog.

The basic make-up of a Sonoran hot dog is a bacon-wrapped hot dog shoved into a soft Mexican roll topped with pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeno sauce, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. They usually come with a roasted chili on the side – sometimes even with roasted green onions. Some are even topped with crushed potatoe Chips.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Sonoran?? ive had those in Guadalajara too.. i didnt know they were from Sonora! you learn something everyday..
Peanuts this was very informative and very weird i wouldnt eat any of that food hahaha im very picky

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted Apr 11, 2012


some of those things sound good to me..the big rosti is something i'd like to try. i remember going to Thailand as a kid and seeing the samurai burger many different variations of stuff when you travel..good times =D

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Apr 11, 2012


Food from around the world, the taste is different, I have a small wish is to try to change the food around the world, it would be a great pleasure. hot dog stuffed pizza looks very rich.

coco987 (rep: -9) posted Apr 12, 2012