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Stuff About Whipped Cream Chargers

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While browsing and reading different websites, I came across a few articles related to whipped cream chargers. I thought to share this with you, maybe someone is interested, so I wrote an article for you to read.
Whipped cream chargers, known as whippits, nossies, nangs or whippets are very popular in the world. They are made of steel cartridges (cylinders) that are filled with nitrous oxide (NO2). This element is also used by recreational drug users for their psycho-active effects and works as an inhalant. It is interesting to notice that nangs are also used for model rockets, of course at a lower scale. Even so, they can be very powerful. That is because the inside walls are created in such a manner to withstand a great gas pressure. The container measures 2.5 inches (long) and 0.7 wide. The inside is designed for great pressure and the container is rounded at corners. Even if there's a 2 mm thick tip at one end, it can withstand an enormous pressure.
The regular models of dispensers are designed to contain no more than 8 grams of nitrous oxide. The volume is set at no more than 10 cm cubes. The cylinders are not rechargeable, this being one of the downsides of such a device. On the other hand, they can be recycled without a problem, of course if there's such a program.  The NO2 is used for this device because it migrates easily into the various creams. The very best part is that the gas doesn't oxidize the content. However, there's another downside for the container. The content has to contain a minimum of 28% fat in order for the dispenser to work correctly.
There are different flavors of cream and different recipes for creating them. However, all of these include basically the same ingredients: sugar (2 or 3 tablespoons), one cup of cream and of course the coloring. The latter is chosen based on customer taste. The devices usually have one charger, but there are models that have even 2 of them.
zoneric posted Sep 07, 2012

Sugar + fat = diabetes , good article

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Sep 07, 2012


On the other hand, sometimes sugar + fat = yummy, just eat in moderation :)

jpanddanielle (rep: 96) posted Sep 07, 2012


true, eat in moderation to avoid diabetes.

zoneric (rep: 58.2k) posted Sep 07, 2012


whip cream doesn't have to go on food.........

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 07, 2012


Contrary to popular belief, sugar DOES NOT cause diabetes:

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Sep 08, 2012


Nice one fluffy

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Sep 08, 2012


Nothing specific causes diabetes but excess of sugar is the leading factor in why people get diabetes. You can read it right in the article you posted. Being overweight leads to diabetes. Most people get overweight due to sugar/high carb/fat intake. So really yes it does contribute to it.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Sep 08, 2012