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The 20 Most Popular Magazines in the U.S. (not by circulation).

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Some of the titles in high-circulation magazines include the AARP magazine and similar fare.  These are not what come to mind when you think of a really popular magazine.  I noticed that quite a few of the top 10 are magazines that are included with a membership.  I doubt many people actually look forward to or read many of the top 10 magazines.  So, I went through the list until I found what I think of as the top 20 popular magazines. In this case popular has a lot do with ordering the magazine and not getting it as part of another deal (COSTCO has the #3 magazine by circulation, for example).  So, here is the closest I can come to the top 10 most popular magazines (2011 circulation is listed after each magazine).

I would characterize most titles as woman's magazines. 

1.  Better Homes & Gardens  7.6M

2.  Reader's Digest  5.7M

3.  National Geographic  4.5M

4.  Good Housekeeping  4.3M

5.  Woman's Day 3.9M

6.  Family Circle 3.8M

7.  People 3.6M

8.  Time 3.4M

9.  Lady's Home Journal 3.3M

10.  Taste of Home 3.3M

11.  Sports Illustrated 3.2M

12.  Cosmopolitan 3M

13.  Southern Living 2.8M

14.  Maxim 2.5M  (they give these away for the most part)

15.  O. The Oprah Magazine 2.5M

16.  Glamor 2.3M

17.  Parenting 2.3M

18.  Parents  2.2M

19.  Redbook 2.2M

20.  Martha Stewart Living 2M

You have go go farther down the list to get to some guys magazines so here are a few with their circulations noted.


Mens Health 1.9M

Golf Digest 1.7M

Playboy 1.5M
erick99 posted Oct 07, 2012

My all time favorite is Reader's Digest

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Oct 07, 2012


I love Reader's Digest as well and, thanks to sites such as DP I have been getting it continuously for not more than about a dollar a year.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Oct 07, 2012


I read like 6 of those magazines

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Oct 07, 2012



plarry (new user) posted Oct 08, 2012


nice list, with the exception of a few, most of them i got for free here

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Oct 08, 2012