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The 5 Best (free) HD Games for Android

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I am absolutely amazed at the high resolution screens of most smart phones currently on the market.  My Samsung Nexus has a beautiful screen with fantastic resolution that makes photographs, videos, and games a pleasure to view.  With that in mind, here are five games that take advantage of the high definition available on today's smart phones.  All of these games are free and available from the Google Play store.

DEAD TRIGGER - Defend  yourself against Zombies while collecting up supplies, reinforcing your safe house, and traveling around so that you can do what you do best: Shooting Zombies.  Good clean fun.

BROTHERS IN ARMS 2 - A WW2 game where you can play alone or with friends.  Earn dog tags to unlock missions and move on to more levels and more adventures.

BLOOD AND GLORY - A Roman era game where you get to be  a Gladiator and do all the fun stuff that Gladiators get to do.  A real blood & guts game.

SAMURAI VS ZOMBIE DEFENSE - In this game you can be in Samurai mode or Zombie mode.  You lead one group or the other while you try to deal with the curves that the game throws at you and avoid getting killed.

GUN BROS - In this game you play a space soldier that travels to other planets to do away with the enemies from TOOL (Tyrannical Oppressors of Life).  Heat-seeking missiles and plasma are just some of the fun you get to deal with as you try to stay alive.

erick99 posted Sep 29, 2012

thanks for the recommendations, i've only played blood and glory out of the list and its pretty fun. I'm going to give the other games on the list a try=)

I agree the graphics on our handhelds are getting pretty amazing.

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Sep 29, 2012


I didn't know you could get complicated games like this. I'm goning to try them all.

Jameson99 (rep: 19) posted Sep 29, 2012


Thanks for the comments and all the Thumbs Up!!

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Sep 29, 2012


I like dead trigger. Play that using my touchpad and nexus.

hemalaa (rep: 10.8k) posted Sep 29, 2012