The Best iPad Games (Well, Some Of Them)

The new iPad has an incredibly beautiful display and it will certainly make games more fun to watch and play.  With that in mind, I surfed the 'net a bit to get an idea of what the most popular games are for the new iPad.  It is interesting, as a side note, that there seems to more focus on games than on productivity applications but I think that is because tablets are still finding their place in the computing food chain.

The new iPad (Apple doesn't want to call it the iPad 3) has a high-resolution display that they call a Retina Display that was first used (as far as I can tell) on the iPod.  It sports a 1536 x 1248 resolution packed into a 9.7" screen.  That is a remarkable resolution for a not-quite 10" screen.  There are about 264 pixels per linear inch (the iPhone 4 actually has a 330DPI screen but they only have to do that across a much smaller screen).  Add both a faster processor and improved on-board graphics and you have a gorgeous display.  Games probably show off resolution better than anything other than, maybe, great photographs.

The games listed below (mostly) take good advantage of the high-resolution screen and some of the games are exceptional!

Bejeweled 3

Angry Birds HD

Words with Friends HD

Zen Pinball


Plants vs Zombies HD

Madden NFL 12

Fruit Ninja HD

Zuma's Revenge HD

Draw Something

Infinity Blade 2

Real Racing 2 HD

Sources: Cnet, Apple, Time, PCMag, IpadMOTO, Entertainment, MacWorld, and several blogs.

erick99 posted Mar 20, 2012
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Love your articles!!
MaryRolle (rep: 23) posted Mar 20, 2012
draw something is awesome on the ipad3- it's so much better because you have more room to draw and the colors are amazing on it!
gangstabarbie (rep: 9.69k) posted Mar 20, 2012
thanks, I love this kind of info.
encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Mar 21, 2012
nice round up..some great games on your list. i haven't tried them all, but i have tried a few. i think the one that got me the most addicted would be game get's intense. if you play the unlimited flags gets crazy. i forget what it's called. i've stopped playing it for fear that it would waste my years away. i remember being on vacation in hawaii and just wanting to play that all the time. i think i even went to the beach for a few hours and just played that game...INTENSE!
nimrodboy3 (rep: 68k) posted Apr 04, 2012
Wish I had an iPad :( My friend LOVES Words With Friends. She is always talking about it and bugging me to get an iPad so I can play. I told her to wait until I win one here ;)
VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 11.6k) posted Apr 04, 2012