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The Best iPad Games (Well, Some Of Them)

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The new iPad has an incredibly beautiful display and it will certainly make games more fun to watch and play.  With that in mind, I surfed the 'net a bit to get an idea of what the most popular games are for the new iPad.  It is interesting, as a side note, that there seems to more focus on games than on productivity applications but I think that is because tablets are still finding their place in the computing food chain.

The new iPad (Apple doesn't want to call it the iPad 3) has a high-resolution display that they call a Retina Display that was first used (as far as I can tell) on the iPod.  It sports a 1536 x 1248 resolution packed into a 9.7" screen.  That is a remarkable resolution for a not-quite 10" screen.  There are about 264 pixels per linear inch (the iPhone 4 actually has a 330DPI screen but they only have to do that across a much smaller screen).  Add both a faster processor and improved on-board graphics and you have a gorgeous display.  Games probably show off resolution better than anything other than, maybe, great photographs.

The games listed below (mostly) take good advantage of the high-resolution screen and some of the games are exceptional!

Bejeweled 3

Angry Birds HD

Words with Friends HD

Zen Pinball


Plants vs Zombies HD

Madden NFL 12

Fruit Ninja HD

Zuma's Revenge HD

Draw Something

Infinity Blade 2

Real Racing 2 HD

Sources: Cnet, Apple, Time, PCMag, IpadMOTO, Entertainment, MacWorld, and several blogs.

erick99 posted Mar 20, 2012

Love your articles!!

MaryRolle (rep: 23) posted Mar 20, 2012


draw something is awesome on the ipad3- it's so much better because you have more room to draw and the colors are amazing on it!

gangstabarbie (rep: 20.9k) posted Mar 20, 2012


thanks, I love this kind of info.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Mar 21, 2012


nice round up..some great games on your list. i haven't tried them all, but i have tried a few. i think the one that got me the most addicted would be game get's intense. if you play the unlimited flags gets crazy. i forget what it's called. i've stopped playing it for fear that it would waste my years away. i remember being on vacation in hawaii and just wanting to play that all the time. i think i even went to the beach for a few hours and just played that game...INTENSE!

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Apr 04, 2012


Wish I had an iPad :( My friend LOVES Words With Friends. She is always talking about it and bugging me to get an iPad so I can play. I told her to wait until I win one here ;)

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Apr 04, 2012