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Time to start preparing for Black Friday and Christmas

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I have always been an organized person. But it is that time of year so I thought I would share my Black Friday tips and others that I have learned along the way. 

Line sitting out side: If you are planning in staying out side for the bargains that Best Buy these are things that I have learned, 
1. More then one person to you can get food and bathroom breaks.
2. tent and sleeping bags and chairs 
3. portable DVD player or TV or computer
4. ads 
5. If in the north warm blankets or heater
6. I know a person who rents a port a potty and charges $ 1.00 to use it, he does get Best Buys permission.
With the stores opening earlier and earlier people get in line earlier and earlier.
I say computer because several stores go live on line before the stores open.

Walmart and Target
I always bring about 6-8 people so we can divide and concur, Every one has a task and they complete it, I have never not getting everything I have gone for.
I also make friends with the people in line it only adds to my pack of people who get things for each other, and frees me up to go after other things. We then make a place to met and exchange goods. I find that this works well.

Most Walmart's price match but you have to have the ad, another secret is movies and games Walmart likes to remove off the shelves so that they do not have to price match, Walmart also price matches on the time a store opens. 

I am a list maker I always have 2 sets of ads one I highlight with stuff I am after and one I use to show to price match I keep this all in a binder with receipts.

Now most of all have fun, don't sweat the little things, nothing is worth getting upset over. 
Well here are my tips I know I have more just can not think right now 
catchersmom posted Jul 24, 2012

Great tips catchersmom i can never go to more than two stores on black Friday so i try to be there an hour or so before they open

rd995 (rep: 150k) posted Jul 24, 2012


Already???? It's not even September yet!

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Jul 24, 2012


Done months ago......

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Jul 24, 2012


Oh encorez, I'm so envious! I've just started shopping for toys, taking advantage of Target's clearance in July. Rez, would you mind making a post about examples of things you've purchased, where, and how you got such a great deal? Pretty please? :)

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Jul 24, 2012


Wow! Some great tips. Only slept out at Best Buy Once, not sure if I will ever do it again. Tho if I do, I will use your recommendations!! Thanks!!

tpark6283 (rep: 12.6k) posted Jul 25, 2012