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Tips for a Successful Clothes Shopping Trip

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Unlike most women, I don't "love" clothes shopping. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with the choices and often come home empty handed. Even more often, I have a specific item in mind and can't find it anywhere and leave frustrated. So, I thought of some things that will make the shopping experience a more enjoyable and successful one.

Before setting off to the stores, write down a list of what you want to look for. Having a particular item in mind will keep you focused and increase the likelihood that your shopping trip will be a success. Also, if your favorite stores have websites, check them for specials and any coupons you can print.

Wear comfy shoes on your shopping trips; however, if you are hoping to purchase clothes that go with heels, then take a pair with you to try on. This will ensure that the skirt and pant lengths are correct before getting home and that they do look right with heels.

Bra styles can have a big influence on how a jacket or top will fit you, so bring a couple of different styles with you, like a push up bra for evening wear and a t-shirt bra for lighter colors.

Sometimes bringing your partner or can lead to an unrewarding shopping trip. Often times they can push you "to just make a decision already" or don't have the best fashion sense and don't really know if this goes with that . Even a best friend can sometimes try to sway your judgement on items to buy. I've had friends push me to buy something that they liked for themselves and it looked great on them, but I really wasn't sure if it was right for me and bought it anyway later feeling dissatisfied with the fit or even how it looked on my body style. Always have faith in your gut instinct.

Even the best outfit wont look great if it is not a correct fit. Try to make sure that no seams are pulling, try on pants with the shoes so you can see if they cover the arch of your foot. Make sure that the sleeves aren't too long or short. Also make sure that buttons don't pull across the bust area and that waistbands aren't so tight that they give you a muffin top.

Taking whole outfits into changing rooms, even if you are just after one piece, will give you a better idea of how "the look" looks on you and if it is right for you. A good idea is to take your normal size and a smaller one into the changing room with you, often times the smaller size will look and fit better.

Don't let shop assistants influence you, as their priority is to make a sale, not necessarily in making you look stylish. If you cannot decide on whether or not to purchase a particular item, just go home and think about it. If you are still thinking about it after a few days, then go back to the shop and purchase it. Or, you could check out the store's website and see if they have it available online saving you gas and time and maybe even some money since many stores have online only coupon codes and "only available online' items that you might like better.

Always inquire about the return policy of the shop before committing to buy. Before paying for anything, always make sure that the shop offers a full refund within a certain time limit. If shopping online, see what the return shipping policy is and who pays the shipping.

LindaKNor posted Jan 29, 2013