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Unexpected Discounts--Do They Really Happen?

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In mid August of this year we ordered our wood pellets from Home Depot. It was a rather busy Saturday, actually tax free weekend here in Massachusetts. We picked up a few items and headed to the service desk to order our wood pellets and set up delivery. 

The associate who helped us was clearly a new hire as he kept asking questions to his co-worker next to him.  We were told there was a $65 delivery fee which was fine and we were aware of this fee. The transaction continued and the pellets which were advertised $209 a ton rang up at $188 each. The associate had earlier that day sold  ONE (1) ton to a customer and was confused why the same ton of pellets was $21 more. I was very pleased at the price, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the correct  items, so we had him re-ring the order. The pellets came up $188 once again. I then asked does Home Depot offer a volume discount or something like that and he and the other co-worker were clueless. They called a manager over, but after holding up the line for 15 minutes we decided we couldn't wait for the manager and completed the order. I also was able to use a $10 off $50 competitor coupon from Lowes which was expired but they do take.

So in the end the discounts and coupon exceeded the delivery fee so it was like delivery was free. We still have no idea if there is a "volume discount" on some items as we never went back to ask, we took our discount and ran. 

My point is, next time you head to buy multiple items particularly of a certain size or weight , be aware that there maybe a "discount" available if you buy a certain amount. Could be that this was just for pellets, who knows, but it did save us $63. It is worth a minute to find out.

Our delivery was sort of a disaster, but that is another story. We  were delivered 3 pallets of pellets and some bags were ripped or ruined. Best part is Home Depot will replace each bag, so all is good and we will be warm this winter. 

branie posted Sep 30, 2012
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Wow, what a great deal! I don't know if they offer a volume discount, but if they do I bet it was triggered by quantity--did the price adjust to $188 after they were all scanned or did each one including the first one come up for that price? Otherwise could have been a system glitch?

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Sep 30, 2012