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Watts to Lumens Cheat Sheet So You Can Compare Incandescent to CFL & LED.

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CFL and LED lights often simply show how many watts they consume.  It is not easy to directly convert the wattages of these bulbs to the equivalent wattages of good old fashioned incandescent bulbs.  Lumens, however, are a great way to compare the various light sources.  Lumens are a measure of brightness or, better stated, the total amount of visible light available.  The chart below will allow you to determine how many lumens a CFL or LED would be required to replace the incandescent bulb that you would have otherwise used.

For example, if you typically use a 60 watt incandescent bulb in a lamp, you would look for a CFL or LED that is rated for at least 800 lumens.  The packaging for most CFL and LED bulbs will provide this lumens number.

WATTS              Lumens
25                   200
40                  450
60                  800
75                1100
100                1600
150               2700

erick99 posted Feb 21, 2012