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Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts

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I am a little embarrassed to say I was born and raised in Massachusetts a State full of history and culture and have yet to explore it all. I grew up and attended school just outside of Boston in a small suburb. While in school our field trips would often include all of the Historic things Massachusetts had to offer, I cannot tell you how sick I was of seeing "Plymouth Rock" by my senior year of high school.    :)

Living so close to Boston we were always heading into "Town" as we called it which was Downtown Boston or Faneuil Hall aka Quincy Market.  We would do some shopping, enjoy the amazing sites or have lunch at Cheers and funny thing was no one really new your name.  Sometimes we would enjoy a Red Sox game at Fenway Park or grab some tickets to see the Celtics at the Boston Garden.

So many things to do I could go on and on. One thing I will always enjoy no matter how many times I do it or how old I am is taking a ride on the Swan Boats the only boats of their kind in the world.. Made famous in the children's book "Make Way For Ducklings". Written by Robert McCloskey The Swan Boats are located in the Boston Public Garden. 

Every time I take a ride on the Swan Boats it is like it is the first time. The scenery is just beautiful especially in the Spring and Early Summer. It is hard to believe a short boat ride would mean so much to so many people, but it does. Once you take your first ride you will see what I am saying.

If you are planning a trip to Massachusetts. The Swan Boats are a must see, such a great family event, fairly inexpensive, full of history and actually fun. 

Make Way for Ducklings

branie posted Apr 20, 2012

Tough crowd!! Branie, I guess you have to be here to appreciate the swan boats. xoxo

themoneyman1113 (rep: 114k) posted Apr 21, 2012


Massachusetts is indeed a State full of history and culture.

Sundy89 (rep: 2) posted Apr 24, 2012



Tolidos (rep: 25) posted Apr 24, 2012