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What Will Be Cheaper In 2012?

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Lots of great articles online about what will drop in price in 2012.  I have collected up the best of the lot and added my own comments for each item.  Most of these items are often on and we can see the big drop in prices (especially HDTVs, GPSs, and Tablets).  Start your wallets!

1.   Apple iPad 2 - the newest model came in at the same price points.  Lots of people trading in their older iPad and that drives down the refurb prices.

2.   Wine - lots of competition and wineries trying to get buyers back that cut spending during the recession.  I've seen the prices of my favorite port wines drop in the last two months.

3.  Desktop Replacement Laptops - AMD's processors are cheaper than Intel and the resulting compeition will drive down prices.  I use a Dell Studio 17 and like the combo of a laptop with a desktops power (most of the power, anyway).

4.   Android Tablets - lots of competition, new Apple iPad raised the bar for those price points.  Component prices coming down as more manufacturing capacity comes online.  We've certianly seen some great deals here for tablets.

5.   Solid State Drives - economies of scale as more and more devices use them.  Also, more competition.

6.   Car Rentals - an oversupply of cars sitting on rental lots and people rented less during the recession so the price drops are intended to lure us back.  I've not rented a car in a long time so no personal knowledge.

7.   eBook Readers - Amazon's next reader will likely be priced where the Kindle 3 is and that will bring about a whole new round of price reductions.  I have a Kindle 3 and love it but will consider a newer, better model if it is not much more than what I paid for the model I have now.

8.   Standalone GPS Units With Lifetime Maps - Competition from smartphones (smartphones always have updating maps).  Personally, I prefer a large screen GPS up on my windshield and I also find that they recalculate faster than my HTC EVO 4G.  We've seen fantastic deals for GPS's on

9.    Media Streamers - Roku getting lots of competition from Blu-Ray players with streaming capability.  Roku likely to answer with lower prices and that will result in everyone else reducing their prices.

10.  HDTV's - 3D models in particular.  Tremendous competition, inventory excesses, reduction in price of the screens, and even more manufacturing capability coming online in Thailand.  Can you believe I spent $1,200 for a 42" plasma 1080p flat panel some years ago?  I could buy three for that price now.

11.  Home Prices - lots of inventory, lower interest rates, people are doing better.

12.  Travel - the economic woes in europe wil lower prices for all sorts of touristy things as they try to lure people back to help their economy.

13.  Used Cars - with the improving economy more people are suddenly buying new cars and this will cause an estimated 20% increase in used car inventories.

14.  Sports Tickets - Prices went up to fast, ticket sales are slumping for a lot of venues, when cutting spending this is an area that goes first.

While there were more, I found that these 14 were the most interesting and that most sites had most of these within their articles.  There's plenty in this list I'd like to be able to buy this year so lower prices will certainly make that a bit easier.

Gadgets launched in 2012 to whet your appetite


erick99 posted Apr 13, 2012

Highest year on home foreclosures this year.....

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Apr 13, 2012


Downsizing this year and will be buying a new house so I hope that home prices do come down!

MaryRolle (rep: 23) posted Apr 13, 2012


I've read some articles in BusinessWeek and Barons about foreclosures and not only are they higher but banks are getting uglier about the way they go about foreclosing. They don't seem any better behaved than before the "crash" and yet they got bailed out with your tax dollars and mine.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Apr 13, 2012


Is that your pic of old tech stuff? Because I'd love to get my hands on that old Gameboy. It's been too long!

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Apr 13, 2012


It's a random pic I found on google images lol

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Apr 13, 2012


I updated the pic to something a bit more modern :)

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Apr 13, 2012


before i read the article, i was fantasizing gas price would be on there.

khmer215 (rep: 48) posted Apr 14, 2012


great info. thanks.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Apr 14, 2012


on #6 car rentals- we were in california in february 2012. Paid $13 per day on a mid size car (nissan sentra) the trick was to book it about a week before the trip because they were at $25-$35 per day 3 weeks before we were scheduled to leave.

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted Apr 15, 2012


hair coloring especially covering grey for women, because grey is the new "blonde" so many articles about loving your grey hair recently.

clearance (rep: 29) posted Apr 15, 2012


Very nice info.I hope all of these would be cheap for us to purchase.

Amber89 (rep: 4) posted Apr 16, 2012


I was hoping for GAS PRICES also!!!!!

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Apr 16, 2012