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Writing A Page

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Branie is not a writer nor do I pretend to be. I have no idea if anything I write will interest anyone or it is even any good? It is actually a little difficult to write a page when you are not a writer or hardly write at all.  You have to try to get your facts straight,some thinking is involved and you have to make some sense. 

I do try as I said I am not a writer, but I do respect those of us who actually try to write something here or anywhere as it is not easy and it takes time and thought.

I have seen many things written here and some I disagree with and some I just have no interest in, but I do respect the fact someone took time to write it and I will not treat it as my own personal punching bag. If you don't like it move on, don't act like your a child and make fun of someone for trying to express themselves.

I find it very juvenile when I see almost every page written has thumbs down. I don't know why or who continues to do it but I do know NO ONE should be thumbing down anyone who tries to contribute in a positive way to this site. Sure some pages may not be to your liking or may be inappropriate but if it is against DP policy then I am sure it will be removed by the mods.  If you disagree your written words are so much more powerful then your thumbs down. In some cases you should just move on, why argue over someone's thoughts. 

 Writing pages or expressing your thoughts is hard as people are going to disagree which is fine, but the way you choose to express your disagreement makes all the difference . Be respectful of others. It is a damn shame adults need to be reminded of this. 

branie posted Sep 30, 2012

you got a good point there i see many pages thumb down for no reason i personally like reading pages doesn't matter who writes them i wish more people get involved in writing pages

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Sep 30, 2012


I totally agree , by the way you turned out to be great writer here, keep it up :)

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Sep 30, 2012


thanks for your input. you should write more.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Oct 01, 2012


Maybe a writer just means someone who can express what they want to express. You make it. Yes, respect other's work, people who usually write pages are great, they contribute a lot to the whole internet. For the thumbs down thing, that do make people sad, I know that feeling.Yeah, honestly write a comment why you don't like it will be better than simply thumbs down a page with someones hard work.

kinggeek (rep: 6) posted Oct 10, 2012