Money Saving Tips for Newly Graduates who just left the NEST
Posted by gangstabarbie, Feb 19, 2012
Moving out of your parents'  home for the first time is a HUGE step. Here are a few tips on how to get by:buy generic vs. name brands. Usually generic items are 1/3 or 1/2 of the price of brand...
Homemade Carpet Deodorizer
Posted by supercouponingmo, Feb 19, 2012
Baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda liberally on area for treatment. Wait fifteen minutes or longer, then vacuum. Repeat if necessary. Carpet should be completely dry before application. Please note:...
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Got A Sore Throat?
Posted by erick99, Feb 18, 2012
My Throat Hurts!!  All three of us (my sons and me) recently had an upper respiratory virus that ran 15 to 20 days and included about a week of terrible sore throats.  As long as I was...
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Expensive HDMI cables versus Inexpensive HDMI cables. Can you tell the difference?
Posted by erick99, Feb 18, 2012
When you buy a new TV one of the big margin items that they try to sell you at places such as Best Buy is an expensive HDMI cable such as a Monster Cable.  I've been an electronics hobbyist for...
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How to use HTML to fancy up your Posts!
Posted by nimrodboy3, Feb 17, 2012
Edit: Here's another tip (special thanks to Florida2Texas): bullet pointing. Use < li > without any spaces to create a bullet point. 
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Choosing an HDTV
Posted by erick99, Feb 17, 2012
Many people are confused and a little overwhelmed at the choices to be made when buying a new HDTV. What are differences among the screens such as Plasma, LED, and LCD? How do I figure out what the...
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Best Laptop Deals of the Week!
Posted by TOTOOO, Feb 16, 2012
Being a moderator here on, I see hundreds and maybe thousands of deals every day. Below is a list of what I believe to be the best laptop deals of the week.Here are the top 5 laptop...
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Pads versus Notebooks
Posted by erick99, Feb 16, 2012
How many of you have truly found iPads and Android Pads to be good replacments for your notebooks? How many were able to do away with notebooks altogether? I tried a pad for a while but I needed...
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Hypermiling: Techniques to Increase Fuel Economy
Posted by erick99, Feb 15, 2012
Hypermiling: Techniques to Increase Fuel Economy   By Erick R Williams    (2008)Four-dollar-a-gallon gas seems here to stay and five dollars may not be too far off.  Oil...
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Hidden Gems In Store Are Still Possible
Posted by themoneyman1113, Feb 15, 2012
Before the Internet in store shopping was the most popular and in some cases the only way to purchase most items. I remember my Mom would drag all six of us kids out every week to grocery shop or...
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The Price of Gasoline and Cash Only versus Credit/Debit
Posted by erick99, Feb 15, 2012
Since about this time in 2009 the price of a gallon of gasoline has just about doubled. When I am buying gasoline I often simply buy at the first station that has a reasonable price and takes...
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Buying USB Flash Drives
Posted by erick99, Feb 14, 2012
USB flash drives, often called "thumb drives," have become ubiquitous in home, school, and business settings. These drives allow you to carry a great deal of information with you in a very small...
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iPad 3? High-Res? Redesign body? Quad Core? 8mp Camera? 4G?!
Posted by TOTOOO, Feb 13, 2012
Alright...we're exactly a month away from the iPad 3 release. Yes, you're hearing it straight from me (a moderator on I'm expecting the release of the iPad 3 somewhere in the 2nd week...
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Tales from a Teacher: How to Play an Active Role in your Child's Education
Posted by VirginiaPeanuts, Feb 13, 2012
In my career and during college I have come across some of the worst teachers as well as some of the absolute best. During one of my internships, my mentor told me to never do anything other than...
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Homemade Laundry Soap Instructions!
Posted by supercouponingmo, Feb 13, 2012
For those of you who would like a cheaper alternative, here is a homemade laundry soap that I used to use. This will work for HE machines too. Our clothes came out clean and fresh every...
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Tax Refund To Spend Or Not To Spend
Posted by branie, Feb 13, 2012
According to the IRS, the average tax refund in 2011 was about $3,000. For some, this is a good thing – like the $10 you sometimes find in the pocket of a coat or jacket pocket. For others,...
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Contract or No-Contract Cellular Service.
Posted by krmills1, Feb 11, 2012
When it comes to choosing a cell phone provider, there are numerous providers out there that offer a variety of different phones and options and also have a variety of different plan prices. I would...
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To Buy New or Used, That is the Question.
Posted by VirginiaPeanuts, Feb 09, 2012
Almost everyone (and I think it might be safe to say 100% of members on this site) is looking to save money but saving money doesn't necessarily guarantee a good deal. I can't tell you how many times...
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The PROS and CONS of Online Shopping
Posted by gangstabarbie, Feb 07, 2012
Online shopping can be a wonderful experience. It's quick, convenient and fun! Many fellow online shoppers would have to agree with the fact that online shopping though has its pros and...
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SEASONAL SHOPPING (What to Buy and When to Buy It to Save the MOST Money)
Posted by FibroMom, Feb 07, 2012
Part of being a “Savvy Shopper” is knowing the Best Time of Year to get the Best Prices on the things you are looking to buy! Below you will find a “General Guideline” to help you understand...
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