How do I edit my deal?
Posted by TheBestOne, Feb 17, 2014
I am new here and looking to edit the link for the deal I posted. The FAQ says there is a edit button on the right hand side of the deal page but I don't see any. Can someone please point me in the...
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The New Look
Posted by EzzyLovesToSave, Feb 03, 2014
Am lovin' the new DP changes!  Gotta admit that I wasn't too sure at first; cuz you know how  some older people are when it come to change:)...Thanks, DP!
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Being Spoiled on Valentine's Day as a Women Is Nice..BUT
Posted by branie, Feb 01, 2014
While at the mall yesterday I heard two males discussing VERY LOUDLY I may add, the fact they do not only spoil their wives on Valentine's Day, but any and almost everyday of the year. The were...
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20 genius stain removing tricks that really work
Posted by praveensapkota, Nov 01, 2013
1. Soak red wine stains in white wine, then cover the stain with a thick baking soda paste. Let it sit a few hours, then wash as usual.2. Remove white deodorant marks from a garment by gently rubbing...
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... What I expect for Sweetest Day!
Posted by omegafemale, Oct 19, 2013
Happy Sweetest Day!
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... oops!?
Posted by omegafemale, Sep 28, 2013
Uh oh! What have you been up to?
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Thoughts that make your head ache ... or Hungry?
Posted by omegafemale, Sep 03, 2013
Just HAD to share!Am I wrong? (EG)
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What to do with the post that becomes duplicate after you post it.
Posted by lotuslove19, Aug 03, 2013
I wanted to know what to do with the post that becomes same after posting it .It did not show duplicate when I was posting it  and even after I posted it but saw the same post posted few seconds...
Memorial Day 2013 Infographic!
Posted by Acarone, May 24, 2013
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Rubi - Seattle's Best Large Flavored Coffees are Only $1
Posted by omegafemale, May 13, 2013
If you know where their Vending Machines are located (mostly in Walmart Stores) - today's code for a $1 off any Large Coffee is MOCHA. (saw this right on the machine tonight)!Follow the instructions...
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Freebies for just being born!!!
Posted by Nellysg, May 01, 2013
RetailersACE Hardware: and get a $5 off coupon on your birthday. American Eagle Outfitters: and get 15% off during your birthday...
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Five Helpful Tips to Find a Bike That Fits Your Needs
Posted by LindaKNor, Apr 17, 2013
Road bike, Mountain bike, Beach Cruiser or just a Hybrid bike? Buying the Right Bike for You Bicycle riding is a great way to spend time with...
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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Find a Present as Unique as She is
Posted by Acarone, Apr 12, 2013
Mother's Day is just around the corner, and with its impending arrival comes the challenge of giving mom that truly special gift that reflects just how you feel about her. It's definitely easier said...
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Take a Break: Best Family-Friendly U.S. Travel Destinations for Spring
Posted by Acarone, Apr 11, 2013
This is a terrific time of year to travel with the family, especially after school vacations are officially over, as some of the best deals around are available immediately following spring break....
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Springtime Fashion Accessories for Women
Posted by Acarone, Apr 11, 2013
This Spring it's all about bold prints and loose flowing frocks. The 90s have definitely influenced the fashion statements of this year. From colorful statement eyewear to black and white print...
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Plants You Can Eat (and a few you shouldn't).
Posted by erick99, Mar 16, 2013
After watching a few survival shows on TV that my sons love, I decided to Google a bit and see what sorts of plants we could eat if we really did have to forage for ourselves for a short period of...
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Great Dog Breeds for Children
Posted by erick99, Mar 08, 2013
When I was looking for a dog, about five years ago, my sons were 17 and 13 so I wanted to make sure I got a dog from the animal shelter that would be okay with the exuberance that young people bring...
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Best Credit Card for Cash Back
Posted by lilywow, Mar 06, 2013
         I signed up in December for the Chase bonus program and I have to tell you I am happy I did. I never believed in this program before because I didn't want a credit card company to...
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Getting Air Miles WITHOUT more debt on your credit card!
Posted by LindaKNor, Mar 02, 2013
One of my cousins was telling me how she gets so many free air miles. I was shocked I hadn't thought of it before.        It's super easy if you have a credit card that gives you air miles...
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How to receive free groceries?
Posted by sly1960, Feb 27, 2013
           Some supermarkets post- buy 5 items and receive a $5 coupon on the printed receipt, in that same week there maybe an item which is buy 5 for $5. You take your $5 printed receipt...
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