A Brief History of the Christmas Tree
Posted by erick99, Dec 02, 2012
Long before Christianity existed people held evergreens to be a special (especially the trees)  since they did not die in the winter as other trees and plants did.  The evergreen tree had special...
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Hungry From All That Holiday Shopping?
Posted by branie, Dec 02, 2012
While out Holiday shopping enjoy a free daily item at Chili's (with purchase).  Go once a week or several. Just make sure to take your coupon with you or show them your smart phone.  These coupons...
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Free Secret Santa Program Available for Everyone!
Posted by LokaFreeThings2, Nov 29, 2012
I came across a great site that lets anyone create a wishlist on Amazon.com, register it with "Secret Santa" then anyone can see your list and choose to buy you items from it. Anyone who...
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Great Notebooks for Under $1,000
Posted by erick99, Nov 21, 2012
I know how subjective this can be but I was asked by a DP member to do a Page on this topic so I did some research and came up with some good choices for under $1,000.Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 20994KU...
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How to Safeguard Yourself on Cyber Monday
Posted by grandma5, Nov 17, 2012
 According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, within the past year one in four Americans has received notification that a portion of their personal information was compromised by a data...
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A List of Useful Lists
Posted by erick99, Nov 10, 2012
I enjoy "top ten," "the best of," "The biggest of," etc., lists.  I happened to be looking for a list of the best cameras under $100 so after completing that project I decided to make a Page of...
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10 Great Tech & Gadget Gifts Under $50
Posted by erick99, Nov 09, 2012
As you know, I love gadgets and my own Christmas list  generally has only gadgets on it.  Gadgets don't have to cost a lot to provide a lot.  CNet and a few other places had some good lists so I...
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All of your Election Day Apps & Websites right here…
Posted by wdjdac, Nov 06, 2012
                                                            Campaign appsRomney-Ryan Obama Election apps1. Super PAC App | Free Discover more about the...
What Duct Tape Has Been Used For
Posted by erick99, Oct 31, 2012
Duct tape has to be one of the greatest inventions of the past 100 years.  It seems that you can do almost anything with duct tape.  I was curious about what duct tape had been used for that might...
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2012 Veteran’s Day Free Meals and Food Discounts
Posted by omegafemale, Oct 30, 2012
Every year, businesses around the country honor our Veterans by offering special "meal deals" on November 11th. This year, my family will get together for a BBQ ribs and burgers with BYOB and "pot...
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Great Gadgets Made With Wood
Posted by erick99, Oct 28, 2012
I've noticed some great mice, computers, radios, and other great electronics that were made from wood (well the enclosures were).  I like the look of wood and I think it's great you can get some...
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Some Interesting Uses for Liquid Fabric Softener
Posted by erick99, Oct 26, 2012
My girlfriend surprised me a bit this weekend by telling me that she was going to use liquid fabric softener to loosen the wallpaper that she wanted removed from a hallway wall.  This led  me, as...
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10 Quite Nice Gifts Under $5
Posted by erick99, Oct 25, 2012
You might be a the end your budget or you get to the bottom of your Christmas list and start seeing names of folks you are not sure you know.  Or, maybe it's a Secret Santa event at work with a five...
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Cost of Making US Currency and of What They are Made
Posted by erick99, Oct 25, 2012
The U.S. mint does, in fact, make a profit as most coinage and paper money cost far less than their face values.  A few other coins, such as the penny, represent  a loss.  After restricting my...
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Pumpkin Carving Sites
Posted by erick99, Oct 24, 2012
I am awful at carving pumpkins but this year I am going to get a cheap set of those carving tools from the grocery store and try one or more of the sites listed below to try to do a bit better.  I...
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20 of the Most Expensive Things in the World
Posted by erick99, Oct 20, 2012
I love searching around for products and services that I couldn't possibly hope to afford in my lifetime.  It's almost surreal to look at some of this stuff. I found a few sites that have tracked...
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Best Gadget Sites
Posted by erick99, Oct 19, 2012
These are my favorite gadget sites.  I check most of them every day and I certainly make good use of them when writing Pages about gadgets.  I hope you find them useful and...
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Top 5 HDTV Deals of the Week (October 18, 2012)
Posted by tr1plication, Oct 18, 2012
1.) Mitsubishi 73" 1080p DLP HDTV+ $100 Restaurant.com Certificate for $949.99 @ Paul's TVPros: Free White Glove Delivery, No Tax, Huge Screen, 1080p, Energy Star DLP*Note: White Glove Delivery Must...
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Random Statistics About Americans and Life in America
Posted by erick99, Oct 16, 2012
My first Masters degree was in experimental psychology so I certainly got my fill of statistics.  I even took a course called "Non-Parametric Statistics" which had only myself and one other student...
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Food Ingredients That Might Surprise You
Posted by erick99, Oct 15, 2012
We all know that we don't want to know what's in a hot dog.  You probably looked up it up anyway or someone told you and you then had a hard time eating hotdogs for a while or maybe you stopped...
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