How to Assemble a Starter Tool Set
Posted by erick99, Sep 26, 2012
I am a fan of tools and collections of tools.  I have a very large toolbox which I use for any major project or doing something on the Jeep (my auto skills are quite limited).  That toolbox weighs...
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Google Play Celebrates 25 Billion Downloads with Five-Day Sale
Posted by jkbane, Sep 26, 2012
Celebrating the milestone, Google is now offering notable app discounts for the next five days. The $0.25 sale includes popular apps and games from the likes of Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio,...
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Top 10 Best Beauty & Makeup Deals at Sephora
Posted by DealiciousPie, Sep 25, 2012
Sephora isn't exactly synonymous with affordability, but when highly rated items go on sale & there's a great coupon code, it becomes a great deal you don't want to miss! Best of all, Sephora has a...
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Thinking Outside the Box to Save Money
Posted by erick99, Sep 24, 2012
Times are still tight.  Yeah, the government says the recession was officially over about two years ago but this version of reality has not quite spread to my household or those of most folks I...
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News From the World of Cell Phones (3rd Week of September)
Posted by erick99, Sep 21, 2012
I enjoy cruising the tech sites each evening and especially enjoy reading the latest bits of news about Smart Phones.  I thought I would share what I have rounded up for this week with...
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Easy DIY Halloween Decorations
Posted by Florida2Texas, Sep 20, 2012
Backyard Cemetery Directions ·         Flatten several shipping boxes. ·         Use a Sharpie to draw...
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Drying long hot or sweet peppers the faster way!
Posted by newjerseychickxo, Sep 20, 2012
 Here's a better and faster way.Instead of the old fashion way of stringing peppers and drying them out can take months. So I dry out my hot/sweet peppers in 6 hours. cut the tops off, gut...
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Credit Card Offers on - Rewards, Cash Back, Miles & More
Posted by AgentGhost, Sep 20, 2012
Get ready for the holiday season with a credit card that fits you're spending habits, and gives you the best rewards possible! Check out all the  Credit Card Offers on! Credit...
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Products We Use Courtesy Of Space Exploration
Posted by erick99, Sep 20, 2012
I got the idea for this Page while driving to the college this morning.  I listen to old-time radio shows from the 40s and 50s on the Internet from sites like live365 and tunein.  I...
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Multiple Uses For Bounce Dryer Sheets!
Posted by supercouponingmo, Sep 17, 2012
1. It will chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice.2. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that are sitting and it keeps micefrom...
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Creative Idea for using clear plastic tableclothes.
Posted by newjerseychickxo, Sep 17, 2012
I always use a clear plastic tablecloth over top of my white lace cloth tablecloth, to cover my dining room table. Well this year while changing to a new plastic,I got the idea to add some fall...
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A Tip For Tipping
Posted by branie, Sep 16, 2012
Do you tip based upon actual service you receive? Think hard now before you answer. Many times we go out and get a service, good or bad we are expected to give something to show...
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Some Odd, Unusal, and Otherwise Very Cool Android Apps
Posted by erick99, Sep 14, 2012
I am on my second Android smartphone.  My Sprint upgrade came up on August 1rst so I swapped my HTC EVO 4G for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G.  I really liked the HTC but it was not constructed...
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TV Buying Guide: LED vs. Plasma vs. CCFL
Posted by maven3, Sep 13, 2012
With football season starting, now is a good time to do your homework on what type of TV to buy. This guide outlines the major differences and pros/cons of different types of TVs.Types of TVs:CCFL...
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America's Most Popular Chocolate Candy
Posted by erick99, Sep 13, 2012
I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have 28 of them (Wisdom teeth long gone otherwise I'd have 32).  While I enjoy all sorts of sweets I seem to a special love for all things chocolate. ...
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The Five Stages of iPhone 5 Grief
Posted by maven3, Sep 12, 2012
The Apple iPhone 5 is Here - Some Facts & Figures
Posted by erick99, Sep 12, 2012
The new Apple iPhone was unveiled today in what has to be one of their most-anticipated product announcements in a while.  They are expected to sell over 25 million by Christmas and, according...
9 comments7 plusses Pinterest Lottery Giveaway
Posted by AgentGhost, Sep 12, 2012
How to Enter?1.) Sign Up for Pinterest, connect with your existing Facebook/Twitter Account or Email  Address. Sign Up Here2.) Search for the " Lottery" board on the top Left...
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It pays (or saves) to compare online vs. in store prices
Posted by nthsll, Sep 12, 2012
I needed a new roll away tool chest.  Drawers stopped working on mine a long time ago.  So, with a birthday coming up, my bride agreed to buy me one.  Bless he heart, she was late...
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Cool & Unusual Things You Can Do With Aluminum Foil
Posted by erick99, Sep 08, 2012
I've often mused that aluminum foil is the unsung hero of the kitchen drawer.  It is used for so many purposes other than cooking though doesn't quite rival duct tape as a multipurpose item (but...
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