Protecting your home from wildfires.
Posted by glwrks, Jul 01, 2012
As you can see, this is a frightening year for wildfires out west. If any of you have lost homes, loved ones or have spent time being displaced by evacuations I hope your life resumes to as near...
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Many Americans have no emergency fund
Posted by lilywow, Jun 30, 2012
Below is an article that has financial relevance and I wanted to share it with you. It is written by Sheyna Steiner and posted on My comments are in pink...
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Is NEW YORK CITY becoming too CROWDED?
Posted by gangstabarbie, Jun 28, 2012
I have started to realize more CONS than PROS living in the big city. When a place becomes too crowded to live in, it starts to mess up the flow of things. People become very difficult to deal with,...
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How Facebook Could FAIL or Become Much Smaller
Posted by erick99, Jun 27, 2012
I use Facebook daily.  I don't spend hours on the site but I do enjoy catching up with friends, family, coworkers, and students.  I use the site for my favorite hobby: weather. Over the...
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A Sampling of Satellites Currently Orbitting our Planet
Posted by erick99, Jun 27, 2012
As a technology fan and lover of gadgets I also have an interest in satellites.  Satellites provide all sorts of signals/data that we use everyday, including television, telephone (and other...
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Best Android Apps - Condensed List with Notes
Posted by maven3, Jun 25, 2012
Here's a list of the 50+ best Android Apps that I've found for various tasks.  I know these lists have been done before and elsewhere, but hopefully you'll find my years of smartphone use and...
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Home Projectors - Highly Rated & Reviewed Models
Posted by erick99, Jun 24, 2012
I recently had some friends ask me to find a local outlet from which to rent a home projector for a family reunion.  I've never owned a home projector though I've installed some similar models...
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Odd Stuff You Can Buy On Amazon
Posted by erick99, Jun 24, 2012
Amazon is my favorite online store.  I buy a lot from Amazon and I have always found them to have fantastic customer service.  I use Prime so I get most of what I buy in two days.  By taking...
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10 Easy Substitutions for Household Items (When you are TOO Busy to Run to the Store)
Posted by FibroMom, Jun 22, 2012
Life gets hectic at times (as we ALL Know) and so many times you are too busy or in too much of or a hurry to run to the store to pick up something you just found you are out of! So here is a...
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10 Internet Speed Test Sites
Posted by erick99, Jun 21, 2012
I enjoy jumping on once in a while and see how fast my Comcast cable modem is perking along.  I used to use, years ago, but had a cooler...
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Google Plus Hangout Tricks!
Posted by IAMFAT, Jun 21, 2012
This is my first pages page! I was surfing the web and came across a few neat tricks for Google Plus and thought it would be cool to share it with the dp community. I actually have never really...
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Full Price Shoppers Should Be Shot (Just Kidding) Well Maybe...
Posted by branie, Jun 20, 2012
Do you know anyone who shops full price or never uses coupons? I do. At first I tried to understand their reasoning behind it. Some say they just have no time between work, life and kids. One person...
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The Most Popular and/or Best Selling . . . .
Posted by erick99, Jun 20, 2012
After reading an article in Mental Floss magazine about Chanel #5 being the most popular women's fragrance in the world (it has been on the market for almost 90 years) I thought it might be fun to...
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Daily Deal Sites Round Up
Posted by omegafemale, Jun 18, 2012
A quickie list of dedicated "Deal of the Day" sites -...
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Microsoft Tablet?
Posted by erick99, Jun 15, 2012
Rumors are whizzing at just under the speed of light that Microsoft will announce their own tablet this Monday, June 18th,  at an event in L.A at 3:30pm.  They have apparently gone to a...
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Gadgets for the One Percenters
Posted by erick99, Jun 15, 2012
It would be lovely to belong to that group known as the one percenters.  Those folks with so much money that they no longer really know how much they have. These folks can buy the very ...
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Android Apps ~ Some of the Best of the Current Crop
Posted by erick99, Jun 13, 2012
I have an HTC EVO 4G and am frequently combing through Google Play (I like the App Store better) for new and interesting apps.  They don't really sort them well and there is a little bias in the...
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How Binoculars Work
Posted by erick99, Jun 11, 2012
I enjoy astronomy and though the primary tool of choice for sky gazing is the telescope, many astronomers use binoculars for viewing nearer objects such as the moon where less magnification is called...
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MacBook Pro 2012 ~ Quick Specs & Photos
Posted by erick99, Jun 11, 2012
The MacBook Pro 2012 (that's the name that seems to be sticking) was introduced today at the WWDC 2012 event.  A lot of folks have been waiting for this newest iteration of the series and their...
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iPhone 5 Rumors Update
Posted by erick99, Jun 11, 2012
A few months ago I provided some of the rumors that were circulating on the web regarding the much anticipated iPhone 5.  I decided to revisit the subject after noticing that the number of...
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