Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8

2. Click here to register to obtain a serial number
3. Click here, here to download softward
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What's the matter?
tyspeed29 May 28, 2008
The other free one is partition Manager 8.5 here for serial
a14umbra Apr 08, 2007
NOT Vista compatible.
a14umbra Apr 08, 2007
It won't even uninstall. :(
a14umbra Apr 08, 2007
Got it here (using FTP Commander)

Server -
User - HardDisk
Password - manager8

the filename is hdm8_se-20070203-0000-en.exe

It also only allows 2 connections, but I guess lerr people are hitting it.
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darrenh Apr 08, 2007
Thanks. I tried that before but it wasn't working. Cutting and pasting from your comment works, though.
a14umbra Apr 08, 2007
Since this link has the user hardcoded into it, they only allow two people downloading at a time.

"Connecting to , 08 Apr 2007 19:27:44
< 220 Welcome to Due to number of users, max TWO connections per user. All IP details logged. No anonymous access.
> USER HardDisk
< 331 User name received, need password.
> PASS (hidden)
< 530 Login not accepted
Connection closed
530 Login not accepted"
Coronas Apr 08, 2007
well, if its free, then you shouldn't feel guilty for downloading it off of a torrent...not like i'd care anyways.
Addicted2Curry Apr 08, 2007
Yeah, it's a bad link.
darrenh Apr 08, 2007
Yes, it seems to be a poorly parsed address.
warrior9112003 Apr 08, 2007
Anyone else having trouble downloading this?