Portable Apps. Free apps manager for your flash drive

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mr_unique07 Feb 23, 2007
Cool awesome..
johng333 Feb 05, 2007

over 100 additional freeware portable apps that can be added to work with this app and its menu system.

very easy, something for everyone games, password manager, clipboard, encryption software, spyware removal, rss, audio coverters, video editors, etc..
harryfan Feb 03, 2007
The portable apps are really good because if you need to go another computer you can still take all ur apps and settings with you.
vdesai Feb 03, 2007
thiss is a relly good apllication
Daddymem Feb 03, 2007
Good stuff, I can use the proggies I like at work.
sorrow Feb 03, 2007

Yeah, i'm right there with you on the U3! I bought one for school, and the security settings make it completely useless; so i bought a regular flash drive and installed stuff from there, and it works like a charm :)
dbrody9503 Feb 03, 2007
This site is great
johng333 Feb 02, 2007
this is a great portable app and free is a great price. Dont forget to plus it!!!
Darq Feb 02, 2007
This is simply awesome, I always carry my flash drive with this software on it.
ghostkeeper Feb 02, 2007
I use this on my flash drive and I love it. I find it much better than U3.
I have firefox with all my bookmarks and Thunderbird configured with my gmail.
Theres a lot of apps you can add... even a server!