Portable Speaker System for iPod $10

Portable Speaker System for iPod $10
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gdfwilliams Jul 27, 2006
Agreed on all points above. You get what you pay for. That said, powered, portable speakers can come in handy.

I personally prefer my BoomTube. I got mine for free through an old job. Don't think I'd pay $100 for it...
alecks Jul 27, 2006
Yeah, If you are going to buy one of these make sure it is good quality. I think they look ugly too.
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scott743 Jul 27, 2006
I have one, really basic, but the speakers are suprisingly good for the price.
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crummy Jul 27, 2006
Just a warning, these things are pretty crap, so don't expect too much.
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gdfwilliams Jul 27, 2006
Same speakers available at Linens N Things for $4 with 20% coupon:


(Though this one comes with a USB power adaptor, LNT offers AC.)

Be sure to read my comments on the page above. The pic is a bit deceptive -- the audio is transefered through the 1/8" audio jack, not the port on the bottom of the iPod. So, as you listen, you're on iPod battery power. There is no integrated iPod charger.
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